Handcrafted Tables

Handcrafted tables bring people together. A dining room table lovingly designed with your choice of stain, sustainably created and with a sand-brushed finish is something that will be passed down for generations. Tables are where people gather, they’re the pedestal for the most beautiful things or prized possessions. This is the ultimate addition to any home, but just be careful. Incredible tables like these have a tendency to steal the show from those farmer’s market flowers on top of them.

When it comes to choosing the wood for your handcrafted table, there are plenty of options. You may prefer quartered maple, oak, rustic walnut or rustic cherry. The choice of woods, whether exotic or local, is step one for personalizing your table. However, it’s easy to change the look of any wood with an acrylic polyurethane custom paint job or a new finish like a dark stain. Start with the foundation and select a great wood to have a handcrafted table that can change styles and moods along with you.

There’s only one rule when creating a handcrafted table: Make sure it gets plenty of attention. It may be an entry table or an accent table meant to hold flowers or a special memento. It will be eye catching and truly like nothing else in the world. However, don’t feel that a home with a handcrafted table has to have handcrafted everything. Sometimes all it takes is a single special piece to bring everything together. A lovingly handcrafted table is a show stealer, and nearly guaranteed to be an heirloom that your children and grandchildren will adore.