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4 Considerations for Custom Bookcases

Fill your custom bookcases with whatever strikes your fancy, from first editions to graphic novels to beloved paperbacks with sentimental value. Any bookworm knows that every book is unique — and the same should be true of your bookcase. Maybe you have a penchant for oversized coffee table books and need deeper shelving designed to

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Questions to Ask a Cabinet Maker

You’ve identified a cabinet maker with a great portfolio and reviews, but what next? Cabinet makers are part artisan and part contractor with various skills, specialties and levels of customer service. New cabinets in the kitchen offer some of the best ROI compared to other home upgrades, so make this investment count. Cabinets come with

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Kitchen Design Remodels for ROI

You’ll see kitchen design remodels, renovations, updates and tricks on nearly any HGTV show you watch. After all, the kitchen is the central nervous system of the home, and the place where a lot of great memories are made. It’s where you make holiday cookies, create delectable dishes, work on homework, unwind and cook a

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Bath Vanity Trends to Watch

Installing new bath vanities or renovating existing ones can be a challenge. Homeowners who want to increase the value of their property for an impending sale need to know what the market wants. Fortunately, surveys, trends and conferences are brimming with this kind of data. Additionally, homeowners who plan to stay put are also benefitting

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Welcome to Utah’s Premier Custom Cabinetry Experts

Swirl Woodcraft custom cabinetry is Salt Lake City’s premier woodcrafter. Specializing in the customization, creation, installation and care of all your wood products from cabinets to vanities and everything in between, nothing compares to the beauty and durability of a personalized wood piece. There are a variety of woods available, and customers can depend on