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Modern Vanities

Modern vanities are at home in a slick (but not slippery) bathroom utilizing the latest technology. A home that has a walk-through shower or spa vibe is nearly begging for a modern vanity. Strong lines, dark, white or bright acrylic urethane paints and of course the option to go green makes modern vanities an easy choice. Modern woods include quartered maple, zebra wood, rift white oak, quartered walnut and a variety of other exotic woods.

With modern vanities, you can choose from a number of different acrylic paints, a selection of stains and finishes, or even add a little sand blasting to keep the modernity in check. In general, modern vanities have bold lines and revere simplicity. That’s a great goal, since bathrooms should be a place of peace and relaxation—and it’s difficult to relax when you’re tripping over endless toothbrush charger and blow dryer cords. The right modern vanity can keep your bathroom organized so there are no obstacles between you and the bubble bath.

The trend towards modern vanities isn’t going anywhere. There was a time when having a generous bathroom vanity was a luxury that only a few people enjoyed. Luckily, those days are over. Modern vanities are affordable, there’s a massive selection to choose from, and you can even customize a vanity to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you choose quartered walnut or zebra wood for your vanity, the personalization doesn’t stop there. Do you need extra drawers for all your toiletries? How about his and her sinks? Make it your own while keeping it modern.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities