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Custom Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are havens, and it’s becoming increasingly trendy to host wine parties in cellars. That’s a trend that’s here to stick. Unlike the game rooms of yesteryears, wine cellars are where grownups go to (cocktail) party. Show off your vino collection and treat your spirits well. Handcrafted wine cellars can include a selection of wine racks, tables for entertaining and provide a homey, intimate atmosphere for incredible parties.

When designing your wine cellar, it’s best to start with what kind of vibe you want. Do you want something quaint, charming and intimate? Maybe a cellar that mimics a plush lounge is more your scene. No matter what type or size of cellar you prefer, the type of wood you select can make a huge difference. Maple, cherry and clear alder are great for traditional cellars, but rift white oak or quartered walnut are better for a modern approach. A rustic cellar might showcase knotty alder or sand blasted pine.

However, customization doesn’t stop with the type of wood. You can further personalize your cellar with a wide selection of acrylic urethane paints or a variety of different stains and finishes. Once you’ve selected the right wood for your wine collection, it’s simple to update it or change the style by switching up the finishes. Just like palates developing and growing throughout the years, your sense of style will evolve, too. Beginning with a quality, beautiful wood is the best way to ensure easy updates throughout the years so that your style can keep up with your expanding wine collection.

Custom Wine Cellars