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Custom Woodworking

There’s nothing richer, more eye-catching or long lasting than custom woodcraft furniture and accessories. It might seem like snap-together furniture made from plastic has taken over, but that’s not the case. Those who revere luxury and handcrafted items still want only the best, and Swirl Woodcraft offers it at an affordable price. A hand-carved wooden piece isn’t just the highlight of a room. It’s an heirloom, a keepsake, and it will last for generations. Our experts use acrylic paints, modern brush-sanding technology for an antiquated look upon request, have hundreds of stains and glosses available, and work with you to provide superior customer service — and exactly what you have in mind. With hundreds of stains, glazes and finishes available, we can match any color you want if you desire to match existing home décor. Choose from a variety of woods like cherry, maple, white oak, knotty alder, sand-blasted pine, zebra wood and a variety of other exotic woods for the perfect addition.

At Swirl Woodcraft, custom means just that: customized to your specification. There’s no project too large or small, or any demand that’s too “out there” for our experts. We help turn your dream into a reality. Not sure exactly what you want? We’ll work with you, ask the right questions and make sure whatever inspires you happens. Custom woodcraft used to be the only way to get that new dining table or occasion chair. Nowadays it’s considered a luxury, but it’s one that’s more affordable than many people think.

What type of piece are you looking for? Is it an entry table, a leaning bookcase or an entertainment center with a special spot for a game machine? No matter what you’re dreaming up, it’s time to make your house your home.