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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets offer a sleeker, chicer look and favor simplicity. Dark or stark solid woods in quartered walnut, rift white oak, quartered maple, or zebra wood and other exotic woods veneers are available. Select brushed or gleaming metal and fluid lines are the mark of modern cabinets. This style goes perfectly with modern appliances and can lend a chef’s look to the kitchen. Swirl Woodcraft designers work closely with homeowners and ensure that modern cabinets are beautiful without the risk of becoming outdated.

People who prefer a modern taste often enjoy simplicity and striking colors. The biggest way to make this impact in a kitchen is with the cabinets. They take up a lot of space and provide a canvas for modern touches. Whether you prefer a rich acrylic paint or a little sand-blasting for a touch of antiquity that complements an otherwise fully modern kitchen, endless options are at your disposal.

Bold, straight lines and the latest appliances are the ideal accoutrements to a modern kitchen. Whether your modern cabinets hide the latest Keurig® machine or your stash of exotic oils, it’s an easy way to provide a seamless appearance in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled by the word “modern” in modern kitchens, either. This doesn’t necessarily translate to trendy, and modern touches have staying power.

However, for homeowners who do prefer to keep up with trends, it’s easy and relatively affordable to update modern kitchen cabinets. A new finishing technique, paint job or stain is often all it takes to completely makeover a kitchen. Start with a good wood, and the possibilities for new finishes throughout the years are endless.

Modern Kitchen