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Custom Closets

Custom closets don’t mean hanging a shoe rack over the door. A truly customized closet, created with your choice of wood, finish, glaze, stain or acrylic paint is more than a superior organization system. Closets showcase your perfect little black dress, rows of hand-designed suits and rows of beloved shoes. A custom closet ensures that you can enjoy things easily, minimize the time you spend searching for that second Jimmy Choo and is a true touch of luxury. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside (of your closet) that counts.

When it comes to a custom closet, start with the type of wood you prefer. There are many to choose from like knotty alder, rift white oak and other exotic woods. The type of wood you choose will set the tone for your entire closet. If you prefer a more simplistic wardrobe, you might want to go with a modern wood. However, if you tend to dress it up on the weekends but are conservative at the office, traditional woods might be more your speed.

The beauty of custom closets aren’t only in the woods and finishes, it’s in the personalization. Some women might have a massive scarf collection and want them displayed, while others have only needed the same argyle one for years. Some men need supersized tie racks or special drawers for cufflinks. No two closets are the same, which is why going custom makes the most sense. If you don’t have many shoes, what’s the point in buying a pre-designed “custom” closet with a vast shoe rack? Get your closet designed specifically for you, and there will be no wasted space.

Custom Closets