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Rustic Vanities

Rustic vanities go perfectly next to a claw foot tub and ringed white eyelet shower curtain. Your Swirl Woodcraft professional can use the latest modern brush sanding technology to create an antiquated “shabby chic” look if you like, or a personalized stain or gloss can be mixed up just for you. There are a variety of woods available like sand-blasted pine, rustic walnut, rustic cherry and knotty alder. Even homeowners intent on going back to simpler days need to look good doing it. A rustic vanity has the sturdy look and charm that will have men reaching for the razor and cologne to prepare for a day of work or take their partner out on the town.

Most people wouldn’t think that a rustic home has a stunning bathroom — but those people are wrong. Rustic is the new look, and these beloved homes often come with spacious, inviting bathrooms. A rustic vanity is the perfect touch to a home that reveres charm and quaintness. What’s better in a rustic bathroom than a knotty alder vanity complete with a sand blasted finish? When you choose a rustic theme for a home, it’s clear that you already enjoy comfort, warmth and staying cozy. A bathroom is the ultimate place to relax, and extending the rustic feel to this part of the home is a natural next step.

Unlike other rooms in the home, the bathroom doesn’t have many focal points. The vanity and shower, or bath, controls the vibe of the room. However, it’s the vanity where you spend most of your time. From getting ready for a night out to prepping for sleep or work, spending some time at a stunning vanity helps set the tone for the day (or night).

Rustic Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities