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Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets are intimate, comforting and inviting. These can include French windows, open cabinets or antiquated detailing. Homeowners who prefer a rustic look often have a home that’s already rooted in that style. Similar to traditional kitchens, rustic kitchen cabinets are classic and go well with most styles and décor. Mountain homes, for example, are finished off nicely with rustic custom cabinets. They just feel like home—just like a kitchen should. Woods are available in knotty alder, rustic cherry, rustic walnut and sand-blasted pine.

Going for a rustic vibe is a great idea with many types of architecture. However, you don’t have to live in a restored cabin in the woods to make the most of this style. Anyone, even city dwellers, can enjoy the home sweet home vibe of a rustic kitchen. Not sure where to get started? Cabinets often take up the most real estate in a kitchen, at least in terms of space covered. Start with a rustic cabinet and it’s easy to follow suit with other updates from islands to countertops.

Another perk of a rustic kitchen is that it never goes out of style. The “trend” towards simplicity and quality architecture is here to stay. Rustic doesn’t mean boring, and there’s plenty of character to develop in these kitchen. From beloved knots in the wood to a perfect shabby chic finish via sand blasting, a rustic kitchen makes its way into everyone’s memory. Even after the kids are grown and out of the house, they’ll have fond memories of game nights and epic dinners in a rustic kitchen that embodies “home.”

Rustic Kitchen