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3 Myths About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

May 8, 2018

Custom kitchen cabinets are the upscale ideal for your kitchen remodel.

3 Myths About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Renovation projects can be time-consuming and costly, so you want to be sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. This is why custom kitchen cabinets are appealing. You don’t have to fit your kitchen design around stock cabinets. Use your space however you’d like, and a custom cabinetmaker can do the rest.

While you plan your remodel, take care not to fall prey to any of the three common myths below about custom kitchen cabinets. Go into the renovation process fully informed about what to expect.

Myth #1: Refaced or Stock Cabinets Look the Same as Custom

Is custom really worth it? While custom clearly delivers flexibility on the design front, does it deliver on looks as well? Will your custom kitchen cabinets truly look “custom”?

If you hear or read that refacing your cabinets or going with stock cabinets instead will deliver the same results, just at a lower price, don’t believe it. There is no mistaking the high-quality craftsmanship of real wood custom cabinets, and it immediately elevates the room.

Myth #2: A Local Cabinetmaker Will Finish the Project Faster

Custom cabinets can take time to create. Visit a custom cabinetmaker early when planning your renovation. You may have to wait for them to finish another project before they can begin yours. Further, creating cabinets to spec takes longer than cranking out a one-size-fits-all version in a factory.

Quality craftsmanship takes time, and depending on the materials and finish you choose (and the size of your kitchen), this means a minimum of about six weeks.

Myth #3: You Can Save Money by Installing the Cabinets on Your Own

If you decide to cut costs in the midst of your kitchen renovation, watch where you trim the budget. Don’t try to save money by installing your custom cabinets on your own. The installation is arguably one of the most critical points in the process, and it’s not a task you should take on yourself.

In addition, don’t try to handle the kitchen design on your own either. Get the input of a general contractor and possibly even a kitchen designer before you send your cabinetmaker the final measurements. Once the building has started, it’s difficult to impossible to change the blueprint.

Swirl Woodcraft crafts custom kitchen cabinets that stand out and amaze. They’ll help you create the elegant, authentic style that is your one-of-a-kind design. Consult with us today about your renovation plans and we’ll provide a quote for your new kitchen.