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4 Considerations for Custom Bookcases

July 17, 2015

Custom Bookcase

Fill your custom bookcases with whatever strikes your fancy, from first editions to graphic novels to beloved paperbacks with sentimental value. Any bookworm knows that every book is unique — and the same should be true of your bookcase. Maybe you have a penchant for oversized coffee table books and need deeper shelving designed to fit unorthodox sizes. Maybe you envision a specific finish or shape that you haven’t been able to find in pre-constructed bookcases. Perhaps you just want to create an heirloom that showcases your love of literature.

Custom bookcases are exactly what they sound like: fully personalized shelving that reflects who you are as a reader and as the designer of your home. There are no limits when it comes to materials, size, shape, shelving and color. Working with a professional cabinetmaker can make what seems like an overwhelming process a truly enjoyable one.

Is this the year you’ll add custom bookcases to your home? Consider the following specifics involved in choosing a bookcase:

  • Finish: Whether stained or painted, your custom bookcase’s finish can highlight your books, complement your existing décor and make a space look smaller or larger. However, when you choose genuine wood, it usually can be sanded down and re-painted or re-stained in the future if the mood strikes you.
  • Built-ins or stand-alone cases: Do you want to be able to take your bookcases with you when you move, or are you positive this is your home for life? Built-in bookcases are striking and add incredible value to your home. However, stand-alone cases are mobile and you can move them around your home (or to a different home) if you wish.
  • Wood choice: Unlike other parts of your home, you can select virtually any type of wood for custom bookcases. Since they’re indoors and not near water, they face minimal threat of wood expansion, warping and the like. However, you should still add a quality sealant to protect your bookcases from harm. This is especially true if you have a habit of setting your tea on the bookshelves as you browse, or if the bookcases will see frequent use (all those books sliding in and out can cause wear and tear without a sealant).
  • Price: No matter how big or small your budget, price matters. Work with a reputable cabinetmaker to create a plan, select materials and design a budget that works for you. Something as simple as changing materials or shifting the angle of a bookcase can make a world of difference. You should expect transparency.

Building a custom bookcase is a fantastic gift to yourself or for a loved one. It celebrates something close to your heart: books and all they entail. Call Swirl Woodcraft today and get started on your own custom bookcase — then start filling those shelves.