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5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Wine Cellar

September 19, 2018

Building a wine cellar is the most fun way to change your status from intermediate wine-lover to aficionado.

For people who love wine and want to collect it and let it age, a wine cellar is a must. A cellar isn’t just for looks or prestige — environment determines a wine’s maturity, character, body and more.

building a wine cellar

Below are five questions to ask yourself before you build a wine cellar.

1. Why Do I Need A Wine Cellar?

Like all things of quality, good wines need appropriate storage and care. The average home temperature is around 70 degrees, but when it starts fluctuating up to ten degrees as seasons change, that temperature alteration could impact the quality of the bottle with oxidation and more.
If you plan to keep a bottle of quality wine for longer than six months, a long-term, climate-controlled wine cellar would alleviate temperature concerns.

2. What Kind of Style Do I Want?

As you plan your wine cellar, ask yourself what kind of style you dream about. What atmosphere do you want to create? Cozy, charming, quaint and rustic? Or do you prefer a modern, chic, minimalistic wine cellar?

Think about the customized wood you prefer, too. For a traditional cellar style, woods like maple, cherry and clear alder are sophisticated options. For a modern approach, consider rift white oak or quartered walnut, while knotty alder and sand-blasted pine would be ideal for a rustic cellar.

3. Do I Want Customizations?

Wine cellars can be further personalized with different stains, finishes or acrylic urethane paints.

Once you’ve selected the wood to match your style, you’re free to switch up themes with new finishes as your tastes change over the years.

4. What’s the Purpose of My Wine Cellar?

Your wine cellar will be a fun go-to space for you. The question is, what kind of room do you want to create? Do you want it to be a solitary place for you to go to think (…and sip)? Do you want a quiet, conversational spot for you and a close friend or partner? Likewise, your cellar could be a gathering place for wine parties, buzzing with laughter and conversation.

5. What’s My Space Situation?

Wine cellars can be as large or small, simple or elaborate as you want. Do you want a 20-bottle cellar, or a 600-bottle cellar? The size of your space doesn’t matter, as long as temperatures are regulated and fluctuations are kept at a minimum.

So, where is the best space for a wine cellar? Basements are typically great locations. Because basement temperatures are determined by the ground surrounding basement walls, consistently cool, ideal temperatures are created naturally.

Now that you have an idea of what to consider, it’s time for you to build your wine cellar! The team at Swirl Woodcraft is here to help you with your needs. Call us today to learn more.