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Advice on Creating an Open Kitchen Layout

January 13, 2024

Advice on Creating an Open Kitchen Layout

Currently, the "open" floor plan concept is extremely popular among homeowners. There is a growing demand for additional living space in the kitchen, which many individuals are beginning to recognize as the center of the household as opposed to merely a place to prepare meals.

Our custom kitchen cabinets at Swirl Woodcraft are available in traditional, contemporary, and rustic designs; each can be utilized to accommodate space and storage needs while maintaining an open kitchen layout. However, suppose your intention is to establish this open format in the first place. These are some ideas for making the kitchen feel larger by opening it up.

Eliminating a Wall

Kitchen additions involving the removal of two or more entire walls constitute one of the most extensive opening projects that can be contemplated. It is impossible to complete this task on your own; professional contractors and careful preparation are required. It is advisable to collaborate with a designer to assist in the development of a visual scheme for the kitchen and adjacent rooms, as well as an engineer to ensure proper functioning of the mechanical components.

Expansion of a Doorway

Increasing the width of the entryway that leads to and from a room is another easy and reasonably priced approach to make the space more spacious. This is ideal for a kitchen that could feel a little too closed off to the rest of the house or secluded.

As long as there is adequate space on both sides of the door, it is not an issue to enlarge a doorway. It entails removing the old frame and enlarging the new one, neither of which are labor-intensive nor prohibitively expensive tasks for a competent contractor. It may be necessary to relocate an outlet or switch, but this is a simple task to accomplish. Numerous do-it-yourself householders can even complete this task independently, thereby substantially reducing expenses and aiding in the renovation of the kitchen.

Pass-Through Wall

Pass-through walls, which "open" up a given space with virtually no effort and in the shortest amount of time possible, have become an increasingly popular design element in recent years. Pass-throughs, which are glass spaces or interior windows that permit interaction and visibility into the adjacent room, are ideal for kitchens that lead to dining rooms.

The pass-through is advantageous because renovations are limited to the upper portions of the wall. Generally, base cabinetry and basins can be left entirely undisturbed throughout this renovation, resulting in a substantial reduction in expenses. Additionally, installation of even the largest pass-throughs, even those situated on load-bearing walls, is a straightforward process.

Contact the experts at Swirl Woodcraft right away for more information on custom cabinetry and kitchen remodel options, as well as for suggestions on how to create an open-concept kitchen.