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Cabinetmaker Consultation Prep Tips

February 23, 2018

A cabinetmaker consultation is the first step toward the custom kitchen design you’ve been dreaming of. It’s the chance to outline your wishes and hopes, but also discuss the realities of the space with your custom cabinetmaker.

cabinetmake consultation


It’s important to prepare for this meeting with care, making sure to consider a number of factors before you communicate firm preferences with your craftsman.

Think About What You Love (and Hate)

Think about your kitchen you now as well as past kitchens you have had. What have you loved and what have you hated? Do you take time with meal preparation or are you less of a chef and more of a host, with the kitchen serving as the hub of your gatherings?

Whether you’re more baker, entertainer or both, your investment in your new kitchen should resolve past frustrations and set you up for future satisfaction. Make lists to bring to your cabinetmaker consultation so you can work through the kitchen’s flow and function together.

Gather Images of Your Vision

Sometimes the easiest way to ensure your message is getting across is to show your cabinetmaker pictures. Do you have images of kitchen cabinets that speak to your preferred style? Gather these in advance so your custom cabinetmaking team can get a full, detailed picture of what you love and want to see in your home.

List Appliances and Measurements

On a practical note, a thorough cabinetmaker consultation always involves a review of appliance placement and dimensions. This will dictate the measurement of surrounding cabinets, so it’s important. Obtain these measurements in advance, especially if you have already moved your appliances elsewhere for the renovation.

Formulate a Budget

Budget — it’s one of the most important considerations of any renovation project, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s helpful to have a starting point in mind when it comes to the budget, even if you aren’t sure how much the designs you like cost. Your cabinetmaker can help guide you, ensuring that your funds go toward the priorities that are high on your list.

Trust Swirl Woodcraft

Schedule a free cabinetmaker consultation with our gifted team and we’ll put together a vision for an upscale design that will transform your home. We’re great listeners, and we’re even better cabinetmakers. Swirl Woodcraft is here for you.