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Choosing Proper Color For Kitchen Cabinets, Part 1

February 26, 2019

At Swirl Woodcraft, we can help you with every element of your selection process for our traditional, modern and rustic kitchen cabinet options. One of the most common areas we help clients with here: The color and tone of their cabinets.

While you may prefer to consider factors like space and practical use first, the color of your cabinets is more important to your overall kitchen remodel than you might think. Let’s look at some basics on how common colors impact mood, plus some areas to consider while choosing your colors – in part two of this blog, we’ll also go over some of the benefits of both darker and lighter shades for your cabinets.

choosing color kitchen cabinets

Colors and Mood

Colors have a strong association with human psychology, and they’re known to impact our general mood and happiness. Some common cabinet colors, plus the mood they can help evoke for many people:

  • Black: Black cabinets are often a major contrast, given that most kitchens contain lighter colors. Black works very well with angular designs, plus with many traditional cabinets in rooms where your walls and countertops are lighter.
  • White: White cabinets are the most popular color out there, with a calming effect that’s great for the kitchen. White is also known to make rooms feel bigger than they are, which is perfect for smaller kitchens.
  • Grey: Greys are also popular due to their neutrality – they offer a wide range of accent possibilities.
  • Blue: Blue cabinets are becoming more popular in both the kitchen and bathroom. Lighter blue shades offer warmth to any kitchen, and bright undertones plus natural sunlight are great for adding elegance and beauty.

Our remaining sections will go over some factors to consider when choosing your color.

Kitchen Design

As you begin looking to narrow down a huge list of options, keep your kitchen’s overall design in mind as an assist. If you have a modern kitchen design, you might be best served looking for brighter, louder colors; if your kitchen is traditional, on the other hand, maybe classic creams and whites are the way to go.

Kitchen Size

Another important basic area to keep in mind is the size of your kitchen. As we noted above, certain light colors can help smaller areas feel larger – but if you already have a large space and aren’t worried here, darker colors are great as well.

Future Value

If you are considering selling anytime in the future, or even if you haven’t specifically thought about this, keep home value in mind. Potential future buyers may not be as attracted to outlandish or unusual colors.

Browsing for Inspiration

Spend some time browsing online galleries, design magazines and other publications to find your favorite designs. These are great resources for viewing certain color combinations and accents – they often provide the inspiration for your choice.

For more on choosing the right color and tone for your cabinets, or to learn about any of our kitchen or bathroom remodeling services, speak to the pros at Swirl Woodcraft today.