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Custom Bookcases: The Why and Where

April 5, 2016

Custom Bookcase

Custom bookcases can increase a home’s value and provide personalized solutions for bibliophiles. Why go custom when you can find bookcases in all sizes and colors ready-made in stores?

The same reason custom kitchen cabinets are better than ready-made: The bookcases are created just for you, your space, your style. The odds of finding a French oak bookcase in just the right dimensions with the correct shelving distances are slim to none.

With ready-made bookcases, the best you can do is “close enough,” and even that can require some DIY additions (like painting or staining). Bookcases with adjustable shelving can help, but many times these setups are either unstable, low-quality or both.

To really show off your collectibles, whether it’s books or other treasures, only custom will do.

Where to Book It

Some homeowners are fulfilling a fantasy of having their very own library with floor-to-ceiling shelving, a cozy chair and maybe even a rolling ladder a la every British period movie you’ve ever seen. Others want a custom headboard bookcase designed to fit their space.

You can get really adventurous with round bookcases, hidden bookcases and more. That’s the great part of custom — you can let your imagination run wild.

Discuss your needs with your cabinetmaker to ensure the shelving will be ideal for your collection. For instance, some people collect children’s picture books or art books, which are often oversized and/or oddly shaped.

Some books are heavier than others and require additional support. Custom bookcases can come with adjustable shelving too, which looks worlds better than any ready-made option.

Built-in or Moveable?

A trend is re-emerging with new and custom homes: built-ins in the great room/living room and den. Tour an older home and you’ll find built-ins galore. These features used to be prominent in great rooms, butlers’ pantries and formal dining rooms.

In recent decades, homes became bare-bones, and homeowners had to haul in their own bookcases, display cases, hutches and buffets.

If you really want to increase your home’s value, built-ins are a great way to do it. They give character and depth to any room. Couple them with custom wood window frames, ornate crown molding and thicker wooden baseboards to really make an impression.

Built-in bookcases also pair perfectly with wainscoting and coffered or recessed ceilings.

A Library Just for You

Showcasing your books ensures you’re surrounded by beautiful words you love. It shows off your taste, personality, and is a great conversation starter. Plus, the smell of old books is an aroma that’s irreplaceable. Books make any room instantly intimate and warm.

Start building your custom bookcase or built-in today with the help of experts who have every imaginable wood and style at their fingertips. Call Swirl Woodcraft today for a free, no-pressure estimate on custom bookcases, vanities, cabinets and more.