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Do You Need a New Kitchen Floor Plan?

June 26, 2018

Your kitchen floor plan dictates the flow of the room. While this is true for any room’s floor plan, flow is more important in the kitchen than any other room. It’s where the magic happens. You measure, rinse, cut, bake, fry — and you entertain guests while you do it. The room should be built around your needs. You shouldn’t fit your tasks to your kitchen.

Do You Need a New Kitchen Floor Plan?

That’s why when our clients are working out a kitchen blueprint, we always ask them: Do you need a new kitchen floor plan?

Do You Have a Work Triangle?

One of the most important space-defining principles to follow in a good kitchen floor plan is the work triangle. The triangle is made out of the placement of your sink, stove and refrigerator. These are the three appliances you typically rotate among during meal preparation, which is why it’s important to have freedom of movement.

Typically, the first piece of this puzzle to fall into place is the sink, since it needs to be near the plumbing. Next, the stove — you’ll need either an outlet or gas line. Last is the refrigerator. You don’t want them all next to each other, but you don’t want them far apart either.

Do You Have Enough Counter Space?

Even if you aren’t a huge home cook, you need counter space. It looks elegant and it gives you a place to throw the mail, keys and bags. If you regularly find yourself complaining about a lack of counter space, don’t skimp on this.

Do You Have Enough Storage?

A good floor plan is about how you fit into the space. But it’s also about how your stuff fits. Do you have enough storage? Are you fully maximizing the possibilities in your square footage? This is where our services can come into play.

Custom woodworking and kitchen cabinets not only add a premium look to your design, they allow you flexibility during floor plan makeovers. You can fit custom cabinets into spaces stock cabinets won’t go. It’s a great way to ensure you have the storage you need to make your new kitchen a true upgrade — one that works for you.

What’s Your Lighting Situation?

What does lighting have to do with your new design? Plenty! It’s imperative to make sure this room in the home has as much natural light as possible. It’s also predictive of how much electrical work you’ll need.

Are you moving your island? Move the pendant lights as well. You need to make sure the new orientation you adapt is fitting for natural light infiltration and that electrical work can mesh with that floor plan.

Swirl Woodcraft is here to help you make new kitchen floor plan designs with functionality and beauty in mind. Get beautiful custom cabinets from our team and you’ll fall in love with your kitchen again.