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How Custom Built-Ins Add Value to Your Home   

January 30, 2018

Custom built-ins are a strategic, beautiful way to upgrade the look of your home and potentially help you fetch a higher sales price on the real estate market.

Custom Built Ins add value to your home

Whether you’re investing in custom built-ins for form, function or both, you can expect a payoff as soon as the final shelf is in place.

How can built-in bookcases add to your home’s value?

Enhance Character

Custom built-ins epitomize stability, structure, longevity and character. When you’re looking to set your home apart from the rest, character is key.

This is especially helpful if your home is more modern or one of many similar homes in a subdivision. You can catch the eye of a homeowner perusing a crowded real estate market when you have something custom, something other houses don’t possess.

Add Storage

Built-in storage is always welcome, even in sleek, modern designs. Every homeowner needs storage space, and when a prospective buyer sees potential for their own belongings, you’re one step closer to a sale.

Elevate Entire Room with High-Quality Materials

Using natural wood in your interior design is always smart. It offers a tie to the earth, and the glossy, superior finish says “high-end.” Every home buyer wants to feel like they’re moving into a palace, and custom built-ins can help send this message.

Free Up Space Elsewhere

One of the top benefits of built-in bookcases is the reduced need for additional shelving. Your prospective buyers can do away with their bookcases, or save them for other areas of the home. They can use the common area for extra accent chairs or a larger couch, increasing the options for the main space.

Coordinate with Other Design Choices

Of course, no one design element by itself can transform your interiors alone. It takes a coordinated effort. Using lighting, wall art, furniture choices and textiles, you can make your custom built-ins the focal point of the room, but complement their appearance with many other features in a whole-room approach to design renovation.

Why Work with Swirl Woodcraft

We believe custom, handmade woodworking can be as timeless as the unforgettable words written in your favorite book. Custom built-ins are our specialty, and we take pride and pleasure in crafting beautiful designs from a wide variety of woods and styles for our many clients.

Your home isn’t complete without custom built-ins that speak to your statement style. With decades of experience, Swirl Woodcraft is the craftsman team you should call to bring your high-end design to life.