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Importance of Regularly Cleaning Cabinet Doors

December 10, 2019

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re proud to offer a huge range of custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, from our modern kitchen cabinets to traditional vanities and numerous products in between. We offer everything from versatile product designs to high-level expertise and advice on all our products and materials, from which will be best for your given kitchen or bathroom design to the maintenance required on any of our cabinets.

Within this latter area are several important themes for homeowners to consider. Like other areas in your home, cabinets can become dirty over time – particularly their doors, which absorb the brunt of the exposure to dust, dirt and other contaminants. Today’s blog will go over some general tips on cleaning cabinet doors, including why it’s important and the benefits that come with some regular attention to this minor upkeep area.

importance cleaning cabinet doors

Cabinet Doors Get Dirty Quickly

Especially if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, chances are your cabinet doors are dirtier than you may have thought. Many homeowners only clean their cabinet doors by wiping them down or removing obvious smudges or dirt marks – it’s far rarer for actual cleaning to be done.

However, it’s important that such deeper cleaning be done every now and then. This is because cabinet doors pick up and hold onto germs and grime, especially on their handles. Kitchen cabinets for instance, are exposed to smoke, grease and oils regularly, plus soap scum and whatever happens to be on the hands of people opening and closing the doors. Many cabinet doors are also close to the ground, meaning they may pick up dust, pet dander and other contaminants.

Cleaning Cabinet Doors

There are several specific benefits of regularly wiping down and cleaning your cabinet doors with approved cleaning products:

  • Sanitation: For starters, such cleaning keeps the area healthier and more sanitary. Ensure you and your family, particularly any young children in the home, are not exposed to growing bacteria and germs that can fester on uncleaned cabinets.
  • Lifespan: Did you realize that dirt and grime will wear down your cabinet door finish and even the wood underneath it over time? It’s true, and this is another major reason to clean regularly – you will add to your cabinet lifespan.
  • Fresh appearance: Finally, cleaning cabinets regularly helps the room feel and look cleaner and fresher, with color accents truly popping.

Replacement Time

Even if you clean and otherwise maintain cabinet doors and interiors perfectly, there may come a day, years down the line, when it’s time to replace them. When this time comes, be sure to call our pros for the best recommendations and the highest quality cabinet products.

For more on cleaning cabinet doors, or to learn about any of our cabinets, vanities or other woodworking projects, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.