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Making Use of Corner Kitchen Space

October 20, 2018

Sometimes called the “Bermuda Triangle” of the kitchen, the corner cabinet area has gotten something of a bad rap within the kitchen over the years. It’s tougher to reach all the way to the back of most corner cabinets than other types, and angles make it difficult to see into them in some cases as well.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re here to help give the corner cabinet a better reputation. Whether you’re looking at traditional, modern or rustic cabinet styles, we have great corner options for you – and excellent theme ideas to help ensure you make good use of their space. Here are a few such ideas.

corner kitchen space

Lazy Susan

One of the easiest solutions if you have a corner cabinet area that’s become a black hole of sorts is to bust out the Lazy Susan. For those who don’t know, this is a rotating pole attached to several trays, which are then able to be spun around so that whatever you need sits right in front of you at easy reaching range.

Lazy Susans are extremely inexpensive to buy – most people already have at least some variation of one in their homes. They can be found anywhere. Make sure you check into their weight bearing qualities before buying, however, as they might not be able to hold your heaviest items and could break if you overdo things here.

Super Susan

The Super Susan is similar to the Lazy Susan, but with some additional designs that make it even better for the corner cabinet space. For one, the Super Susan comes with a round tray with a pie-shaped corner cutout – this means you’re using absolutely every inch of space in the corner cabinet, rather than missing out on some using a round Lazy Susan.

In addition, the Super Susan comes with the support of a fixed shelf, meaning it can handle more weight. It also rotates on a ball-bearing turntable, which makes it more durable than most Lazy Susan options. It’s slightly more expensive than the Lazy Susan, and requires its own kind of door, but the Super Susan is a great idea for many corner cabinets.

Chevron Drawers

Chevron drawers, initially popular decades ago, are pull-out drawers that can be built into your corner cabinet space. They’re extremely stylish for the right kind of kitchen, allowing for excellent creativity. They’re also best for heavy items, as they provide a full drawer support. They do leave some dead space in the corner, though.

Swing-Out Cabinets

These are somewhat similar to a Lazy Susan, with pole-mounted shelves that fit in a corner space. But the pole is actually mounted within the cabinets themselves, allowing for more stability. The swing-out cabinet can often work with a standard door, making it a great use of the corner space. They’re on the more expensive end, but swing-outs can also be installed as an aftermarket option.

For more on options to make great use of your corner cabinet space, or to learn about any of our custom cabinetry or kitchen design services, speak to the pros at Swirl Woodcraft today.