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Protect Bathroom Vanities from Damage

July 19, 2016

Protect Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities take a lot of abuse, from scalding hot curling irons to staining hair dyes. Water, hair-care products and self-tanners all can do damage.

Wood is one of the most popular, luxurious and in-demand materials for cabinets in the bathroom, but how do you keep it safeguarded?

With a number of sealants and high-grade paints and stains to choose from, one of the best habits you can adopt is wiping up water as soon as you notice it on the wood. Right after washing your face, taking a shower or bath, or otherwise getting liquid near your vanities, do a quick check for any spills.

If you’re remodeling your vanity and have the option, a generous countertop overhang can dramatically help keep the wood protected.

A Clear Coating

Both countertops and cabinets alike should be covered with a good sealant. Natural stone countertops always should be sealed against porousness (manmade materials are often naturally stain proof and waterproof).

Wooden cabinets should be safeguarded with a water-resistant paint and/or clear coating. This provides much-needed protection from warping and discoloration.

For those who prefer the beauty of natural wood, it’s much simpler to sand away any stains or small areas of damage before re-staining. In some cases, if you want to rescue older wooden cabinets, this is the best approach to simultaneously modernize them and protect them. It could be a DIY project, but if that’s your approach, make sure you talk with your local home improvement store for the best sealant and stain for your type of wood.

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Sometimes it’s not water that causes the damage. If you overload your drawers and cabinets with potentially damaging products, you increase the odds of a spill that might take months for you to notice. Keep all products in waterproof containers (the dollar store is an excellent source for reliable and affordable options).

Aim to keep your vanity as a storage place solely for items you really need. Except for a first-aid kit and supplies, if you haven’t used a product in the past year, you probably won’t.

Lining your bathroom vanities with shelf paper is an easy way to keep the insides protected while also personalizing your space. Maybe you really wanted a bright pink and gold bathroom vanity, but knew you might get sick of that scheme and that it likely wouldn’t increase your property value. However, you can easily swap out the quirkiest of shelf liners as you see fit.

For more tips on sustaining your bathroom vanities, contact Swirl Woodcraft today.