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When to Consider Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

November 10, 2020

In certain cases, the entire kitchen space in a home will give you clear signs that a major remodel is needed. Not all remodeling projects are comprehensive, however, and there are some cases where subtler signs of issues may dictate focusing the remodel on a particular feature of the kitchen – with cabinets being a common consideration here.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re happy to offer numerous selections when it comes to kitchen cabinets, with options ranging from traditional cabinets to modern, rustic and many other styles. In addition to providing a wide range of custom cabinets and other woodworking products, we’re also here to assist clients with their remodel – including some of the signs your current cabinets might be giving you that it’s time to move on. This two-part blog will go over several of these signs for homeowners to keep in mind.

when replacing kitchen cabinets


The first sign here is likely the most obvious, and also the most common: The cabinets have begun to fall apart, either in small or large ways. You may have noticed that certain attached hardware, such as doors or knobs, are becoming loose or even falling off. Shelving may be pulling away from the wall, or perhaps paint is fading significantly in visible areas.

In many cases, this is due to cheap or flimsy material used for the cabinets when they were first installed. In these cases, re-painting or resurfacing these materials won’t do any good – they won’t become stronger, and will simply fail again in short order. Replacement is necessary when this is the case.


Have you noticed strong odors that are clearly coming from your cabinets? Unfortunately, odors may make their way into wood, at which time it can be difficult to get them out. They can be from mold, food, mildew or even pest invasion in some cases, and many of these smells will not go away once they’ve embedded themselves. Often, the most cost-effective (and healthy, in the case of mold) solution is to replace the cabinets.

Simple Aesthetics

In other cases, your cabinets may still be functional, but creating a very poor aesthetic. Maybe they’ve experienced significant cracking over the years, or perhaps they have chipped paint, broken corners or worn-down coloration. Some of this is natural after many years of use – cabinets are not meant to last forever, and if you’ve had yours for many years, they may have simply served their purpose.

As we noted above, small repairs and patch-overs here will only go so far. Eventually, the much more cost-effective move is to simply replace the cabinets altogether for a new look.

For more on signs your cabinets are giving you that they require replacement, or to learn about any of our custom cabinets, bathroom vanities or other woodworking products, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.