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You Need Kitchen Cabinets but Want Open Concept — What to Do?

March 27, 2018

Finding enough space for kitchen cabinets can be tough. It’s a job that’s made harder with an open concept kitchen design. The trend has lasted, and many homeowners renovated their spaces to achieve this look. However, the lack of storage this design concept creates can lead to frustration.

You Need Kitchen Cabinets but Want Open Concept

Is it possible to maintain your open-concept design but add more kitchen cabinets in a way that solves your storage problems? Below are some of our ideas.

Under-Counter Drawers vs. Traditional Cabinets

Sometimes drawers are better than cabinets. Since cabinets need organization to create efficient storage space, it may be better to replace them with custom drawers sized to fit the items you need contained, from placemats to glasses to dessert plates. A skilled cabinetmaking team like Swirl Woodcraft can offer you plenty of custom options based on your needs.

Bonus: Toe-Kick Drawers

The toe-kick, which is the area underneath the cabinets, doesn’t have to be empty space. It’s possible to create shallow drawers here and ideally use them to store items such as cookie trays, muffin tins and cutting boards. It’s another great way to make the best use of the square footage you already have.

Add an Island with Storage

This might seem obvious, but if you don’t already have one, invest in a kitchen island if you have the space. An island adds counter space, plus you can custom-design kitchen cabinets beneath to fit all the items you can’t find homes for elsewhere.

Create a Built-In Buffet or Hutch

Sometimes you have to go outside of the kitchen’s shape to build the cabinets you need for storage, but that’s OK. Think about the supplies you use only a few times per year, like your holiday dishes or your roasting pan. It’s possible to create a built-in buffet or hutch along a kitchen wall to give you storage for things you don’t need all the time but would like to still keep around.

Dining Room Cabinets

Here’s another idea: What about a coffee nook table with kitchen cabinets built underneath, but in the dining room? It can be a helpful storage solution.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we have a passion for cabinetry that exhibits craftsmanship and provides functionality. This dual purpose is at the heart of what we do. Make your home your own and find the space for more kitchen cabinets with our help.