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2017 Kitchen Designs

January 5, 2017

A new year, a new kitchen design?

If you’ve been dreaming about a kitchen remodel, take advantage of January’s relatively slow construction month to revamp the most popular room in the house.

kitchen designs

This year, the open-space trend continues with big kitchens featuring nooks and at-the-bar dining spaces to encourage family and friends to snack, cook and dine together. However, some throwbacks are also coming into style again.

Butlers’ pantries were a must up until early 20th century, but when having butlers and other help became less common, so did their pantries. Now, butlers’ pantries are back in full force, allowing for a segue between kitchens and formal dining spaces where you can store flatware, silverware and other dining accoutrements. Just like plus-sized laundry spaces, butlers’ pantries are experiencing a revival.

Kitchen Design Finds

Built-ins are also topping dream lists, and they’re no longer just for great rooms. You’ll find built-in china huts, buffets and even kitchen bookshelves to showcase your best cookbooks. Wood craftsmanship is being embraced with either a stain to show off the natural grain, or a paint that’s a light and neutral color to optimize space and light.

You’ll need more than a natural stone countertop to make a splash in 2017 kitchens. Additional touches include waterfall edges, sandblasting, and mixing and matching stone with butcher’s block and cement (especially when the kitchen island features a different material). These are all unique ways to show off your style.

Quaint Kitchens Return

If a massive kitchen design renovation is in the works, consider the space above the kitchen sink. If your sink isn’t on an island, add a window (or picture window!) behind it, particularly if you have a lovely view. Such a move makes doing the dishes a little more palatable, and instantly draws the eye toward your trending farmhouse sink. Upgrade to touchless faucets to marry traditionalism with modernity.

Adding a Dutch door and a “pie-cooling shelf” to your kitchen gives you all the charm of the 1950s, but without the smaller kitchen footprint common in that era. Alternatively, French doors leading into the back yard, outdoor kitchen or patio offer extra natural light and an extra-wide berth when carrying out those platters of goodies.

Floor-to-Ceiling Style

Add touches to your cabinetry to up the ante, like foregoing toe kicks at the bottom of your cupboards for a flush to-the-floor finish. Not only does this provide a more polished look, it also stops dirt and debris from hiding. Bringing the cupboards all the way to the ceiling is a dramatic finish, or you can opt for the popular staggered cabinet look to shake things up.

Adding frosted French glass doors to all cabinets — or just a few focal ones — is a kitchen design trend that’s here to stay. However, instead of clear glass, the frosted glass (or stained glass) helps you hide clutter and mismatched dishes.

For more kitchen design ideas, contact Swirl Woodcraft today.