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Custom Cabinetry for Christmas

November 8, 2016

Custom cabinetry for the holidays is a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

custom cabinetry

Whether your loved one wants a new kitchen, bathroom vanity or custom cupboards or bookcases, it’ll take some strategizing to pull this off. Unless you know exactly what the recipient wants, it’s risky to pick wood, styles and finishes for them. Instead, come up with a creative way to let them know new cabinetry is slated to be in their stocking this year.

Talk with your local custom cabinetry experts to help set your budget. Prices vary based on the size and scope of the project, the kind of custom woodwork you have in mind, the type of wood and finishes, and (if applicable) your timeline. A kitchen remodel is pricey, but ordering a smaller, custom wooden piece can be budget friendly.

Your Custom Cabinetry Picks

Custom cabinetry is a dream item for many homeowners. However, if you can’t afford a whole kitchen full of new cabinets, consider an island or a dry or wet bar. Vanities in smaller bathrooms are usually more affordable, too. Your cabinetmaker will be happy to work with your needs.

Custom-carved fireplace mantels are a fitting holiday gift, and you can find plenty of holiday-specific ways to gift them. You can wrap stockings, which will be hung from the new mantel next year, and put an explanatory note inside.

Wine cellars, closets, entertainment centers and tables are other custom woodworking options. Handcrafted, these gifts are guaranteed to become heirlooms.

When Cabinets Are a Must

If you’re sure you want to gift cabinetry, you might not be sure where to get started. Getting custom cabinets is a big deal, but can be even more overwhelming when it’s a gift.

If you want to keep the cabinets a surprise while ensuring the recipient loves them, define your budget before talking to a cabinetmaker to help speed up the process. Your cabinetmaker will know exactly what styles, woods and more fit within your parameters.

You can gift something small that works as a clue, like a single cabinet knob or a quart of wood stain. These will allow the recipient to guess what the real present is. Cutting out photos of gourmet kitchen cabinets also works. If you’re gifting cabinets, you’re probably sure that the recipient wants and needs them.

If the recipient is a spouse, partner or someone else who lives with you, deciding on the details together can be a fun part of the gift. Even better, if you start working with a cabinetmaker right after 2017 begins, the final product will likely be ready by Valentine’s Day. Call Swirl Woodcraft for all your custom cabinet and woodworking gifts.