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4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

March 1, 2022

4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

Have you ever spent a day reorganizing your closet just to feel like it still didn’t work for you? Rather than filling a bare nook with bins and baskets in an attempt to utilize the space, create a closet that truly functions for your needs. Closet spaces are often an afterthought because they’re hidden away, and they quickly become dumping grounds for all our stuff, but there are lots of reasons to avoid this habit and work at organizing these spaces. Here are four reasons to bring a customized closet to the top of your list.

Save Money on Clothes

With an organized closet, you can effectively see what clothes you have rather than digging around for options. The ability to see what you own you minimizes the number of items you probably don’t need. Sometimes we may rebuy something we already have because we simply can’t find it. Save money by having a well-designed space that makes it clear where each item is. And, when you opt for high-end woodworking, you’re guaranteed a product that’s flawless, ensuring no items get scratched or torn by poor quality workmanship such as rough edges or protruding nails and screws.

Clearing Clutter is Good for Your Mind

We know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. A cluttered space can be very taxing on our mental health. A clear and organized closet will help you feel better. Choosing your clothes each day becomes easier and more rewarding rather than frustrating and time consuming. A custom closet brings a better energetic flow to your daily functions and will alleviate stress. It’s a lot easier and more fun to keep well-planned space organized rather than having the taxing project of trying to force a poor design to work.

Add Storage Space

Creating a functional closet space will provide more storage in the right ways. Often, you can bring in other items into that space which will carry over organization to other areas of your home. Customize hallway closets, bedroom closets, coat closets, pantries, and more. There are myriad options for structuring the spaces to maximize storage. Every home is unique, every family is unique—your storage space needs to match your lifestyle and demands. Homes are typically built with generic closet spaces so that you can customize it after you move in. If you’re building, customize the closets from the get-go, and if you’re already in a home, it’s not too late.

Your Wardrobe will Look Better

An organized space keeps your clothes in ready-to-wear condition. No wrinkled shirts from being shoved in a drawer, no scuffed shoes from being tossed in a basket, no ripped sweaters from snags from poor shelf quality. It feels great to know what you have to wear the minute you walk into your closet.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we have customized hundreds of closets and have executed numerous design options. We can help you in deciding the best features for you. With our customized approach you can choose from many wood options, drawer sizes, shelf depths, specific shoe rack options … anything you can think of.