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Cabinet Trends for 2022

February 1, 2022

Cabinet Trends for 2022

When it comes to personalizing your home, you have a plethora of choices. So many that it can get daunting and overwhelming quickly. Swirl Woodcraft has an impressive showroom full of ideas, and our knowledgeable staff is always willing to help with questions to help you narrow down your options and get what you truly want. Before you get too deep in the planning stages, here are some of this year’s top cabinetry/design trends to consider:

Muted Greens

Painted cabinets have been a trend for a while, and we don’t see it going out of style soon. Muted green is very popular this year because it plays well with neutrals and bold colors alike. There is an airiness with these delicate shades that brings a charming feel to any kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Pair this color with a marble countertop and gold or brass fixtures to finish off the look with elegance.

Bold Colors

This one’s a little opposite than the above option, but bold colors are also on the rise. If you’re brave, you may want to try out a two-tone look and opt for black cabinets on an island and white up above. For a true statement piece, surround the black cabinets with a waterfall countertop. Bold colors look great in high tech kitchens and modern homes, but with the right designer at your side, they can look great in any style home.

Wood Grains

Although painted cabinets are still huge, we’re seeing a comeback with the classic wood grains. Coffee tones are the idea, with bold and rich stains at the forefront. It’s eye catching to pair some wood grains with painted cabinets to get them to stand out, creating purposeful accents throughout your kitchen or bathroom. If your kitchen is large enough, going for three shades works well, and whites, muted tones, and a wood grain is a gorgeous combination.


White will always be classic, but the full stark white kitchens are not the hot trend this year. For 2022, white is looking softer and creamier. Pairing the softer whites with neutral tones and natural design elements is more the idea. If you’ve already invested in the all-white kitchen trend, don’t get discouraged. The white will remain gorgeous while you pepper in some accent pieces and textures throughout to add visual appeal.

From Minimal to Maximal

This year, get brave. From two-tones to patterns to kitschy antiques, home décor is going big. Make a statement by bringing in whatever you love and don’t be afraid to pair different materials and elements. For example, natural wood paired with granite for countertops is a sophisticated look, and layering elements like lighting, patterns, and textures is another great option. Mixing and pairing can get tricky, even if it’s a look you’re dying to try. A visit to our showroom will help get you on the right track, and a discussion with our design team will ensure you get the look you want while also making sure you’re sticking with basic design guidelines.