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Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

January 1, 2022

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

No matter how large or small a kitchen is, organization is key. Even if you have a professionally designed space, you will need to organize effectively so that your kitchen works for you rather than against you. Swirl Woodcraft is proud to provide a customized cabinetry approach for Utah homes and can make any dream a reality. After cabinets are installed, start using your kitchen wisely by organizing your space in a way that suits your needs.


You hear it all the time, but it’s really the best thing to do in the beginning. If you use lots of tools and love every one, by all means, keep them. If you have a butler’s pantry or a lovely hutch, or you opted for glass paned doors with lighting to showcase a few things, be choosy about what you want showing. These areas can quickly feel cluttered and overwhelming with too many pretty things. Narrow it down so it looks stylistically organized.

Use Turntables and Lazy Suzans

These bad boys are a storage secret weapon. They’re so popular and useful that you can find them in practically any shape and size and in two or three tiers. They can be useful in drawers, cabinets, fridges, and pantries. If you cook a lot, you probably have a lot of spices—these work really well for small spice bottles and oils/sauces.

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers used to be reserved for cutlery only but with all the new easy-to-find sizes, you can think outside the box. Use varying sized dividers in junk drawers to keep things from piling up and to sort small items like batteries, paper clips, or business cards. Store utensils and kitchen gadgets with multiple dividers to keep everything in place. Baggies, saran wrap, and tin foil are also good items to store with dividers to keep it tidy.

Use Hooks to Hang Mugs

Open cabinets will remain popular for probably forever. If you have open cabinets, this idea looks great added to it. If you don’t like the open cabinet look, this idea is a great way to add the modern and trendy touch without going all in. Line the bottom of cabinets with nice hooks and display your favorite mugs on them for a fun look that saves cabinet space for other items you don’t want seen.

Store Large, Flat Items Vertically

Platters, cookie sheets, and cutting boards are hard to access when they’re all stacked together. Plus, fragile platters can get scratched or chipped when items are placed on top of them. Cutting board organizers are found in most home goods stores and are a great way to organize items that would otherwise fill up a lot of horizontal space.

Store Like with Like

Storing similar items together looks good and is practical. If you have baking items in one spot, it’s easy to know where to put the sprinkles back when you’re done. And put some labels on those containers, even if they’re clear.  Categorizing and labeling just makes the space feel calmer.

Organizing is an individual process, and not every solution will fit every lifestyle. What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Can you implement those methods into your kitchen?