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Gift a Beautiful Hutch This Christmas

December 1, 2021

Gift a Beautiful Hutch This Christmas

Hutches may sound like an old-fashioned furniture piece, but this is far from the truth. From luxurious wine displays to a delightful coffee station to displaying priceless collectibles, a custom hutch can be useful for endless possibilities. A hutch can fit into any style. Modern hutches with straight, clean lines fit well into a contemporary look, no matter the wood, stain or color choice. Traditional styles can be achieved by choosing a design that combines comfort and order and matches well with your other pieces to create the harmony that’s the staple of traditional décor. Rustic farmhouse is a popular style tend that won’t be going away any time soon. A painted and distressed hutch with beautiful curves fits really well into this style. Whatever your design style is, a hutch is a sophisticated and attractive addition to any space—big or small. A high-quality hutch can be built into any nook or cranny, or you can design a one-of-a-kind furniture piece worthy of handing down to the next generation. As a Christmas gift, it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Style and Use of a Hutch

Whether your hutch will be used daily or as a display to store heirlooms or collectibles, styling it should be fun and unique to you. In the kitchen or dining area, it’s common to put fine china on display. You can stack dishes and cups to add visual appeal, and don’t forget to add some special décor items in there to mix it up, such as flowers or plants, candles, or family recipes and pictures. Hutches look amazing with draping garlands and village scenes during the holidays. Also popular in the kitchen is making a hutch into a coffee or hot cocoa station. Display your favorite mugs and treats to create a homey and welcoming feel during the chilly months. Hutches are not just for fine china that’s used twice per year, your daily dishes need a spot, too. Mix it up and draw some artistic flare to your kitchen with a variety of colors and shapes on the hutch.

Hutches are also beautiful areas to display collectibles in living rooms or libraries. We’ve seen our custom pieces used by record collectors showcasing their many albums and vintage record players, bibliophiles showcasing their favorite novels and stories, the grandmother who loves to show off their adorable grandchildren, the collector who hosts a house full of unique, priceless treasures, and so much more. Your imagination is the only limit to what a beautiful hutch can do for your space. We can add lighting inside to highlight special items, glass windows to protect pieces but also make it easy to display, or large drawers and cabinets to easily store some things out of site.

Don’t turn down a hutch because you think they’re out of fashion. Hutches are wildly useful in whatever way suits you. Make an otherwise boring storage solution a beautiful and useful one by creating the hutch of your dreams today.