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Deck the Halls

November 1, 2021

Deck the Halls

Doesn’t it feel wonderful at Christmas time to get nestled under a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa while looking at a beautifully decorated mantel with a warm, glowing fire in the fireplace? Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but that’s only a small piece of bringing the holiday spirit into your home. Fireplace mantel decoration has been a long-time tradition for many homes throughout the world. Spruce up that fireplace today with a gorgeous hand-carved mantel that suits all your style needs. And here are some great decorating ideas to consider for that new mantel:


We’ve gotten real creative with garlands over the years. From bold, pine-scented greenery to colorful felt balls to rustic and natural wooded beads, the options are limitless. Pair any of these together and with some LED lights to really bring in the sparkle of the season.

Mini Villages

Miniature villages aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. There are so many options for winter village scenes. Wooden Scandinavian-themed villages are very popular with rustic, modern styles. Ceramic and aluminum houses are also a hit for displaying those themed towns. Traditional village scenery will never go out of style, and it can be fun to start a small village and add one piece every year as a new family tradition. If you’re the crafting type, a DIY village of painted carboard or gingerbread can be a fun and unique addition to your mantel.


A newer trend we are seeing a lot of this year is placing varying box sizes with coordinating wrapping and ribbons along fireplace mantels. Go for a bold, monochromatic look or a playful mix of patterns and styles to bring in your unique tastes. Add in some candles or a garland and you’ll have a finished look in no time.


Faux or real antlers can look great above a mantel, and not just for the holidays. For a modern look, you can paint them white and leave the décor minimal to draw attention to the simple style choice. It’s also fun to play it up a bit and sting lights or garlands along the antlers, or even display all the holiday cards you receive throughout the antlers. Think about a large mirror behind the antlers to create an artful masterpiece.

Traditional Décor

Pairing traditional items like nutcrackers, an advent calendar, wreaths with ribbons, mini trees and ornaments, and some holiday wording or pictures tops off a mantel piece beautifully in any home. Pinecones and glowing lights create a warmth throughout the whole room.

As with any décor, a beautiful foundation is needed to bring out all the style and sophistication your room deserves. Mantels may get special attention during the holidays, but they are the focal point of your room all year round. It’s very easy to change the appeal of your room with your designs around the mantel, so take some time first to consider your mantel piece. With a custom, high-quality design, you will get a product that will last as long as you want with the ability to easily update as trends come and go.