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Read This Before You List

October 1, 2021

Read This Before You List
The Utah housing market has been wildly active recently. It’s certainly been a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean buyers should just take whatever they can get. Many experienced agents have walked buyers through hundreds, if not thousands, of homes across the Wasatch Front and they’ve met with lots of people eager to sell in this lucrative market. Most agents can tell very quickly once they’ve entered a home if the craftsmanship is quality or sub-par. A DIY home rarely brings in the highest offer. If your house needs some work and you’re planning on putting it on the market at some point, invest your money and time where it matters most. Most agents agree on where good returns on investment likely lies when it comes to home remodels and repairs: first in kitchen upgrades, next in master suite remodels, and then in finishing touches that stand out. Other strong areas include a functional layout, good organization solutions, and curb appeal. When it comes to layout, you may not be able to change that much of the core of your home, but the correct placement of furniture and method of organization can transform any room.

Picture This

Customizing a room, even in small ways, to fit its function will not go unnoticed. A small room can still be an incredible space when planned well. Consider built-in storage units or bookcases to maximize wall space while also offering a very high-end feel. Customize a closet or a mud room with efficient shelving and drawer systems to hide away clutter in a clean and effective way. Or create an amazing entertainment center for all your electronics to be stored neatly. Floor-to-ceiling shelving can look elegant and timeless, pulling a room together no matter the size or need. One feature we’ve heard that stands out during showings is built-in bookcases with beautiful crown molding showcasing a person’s mini library. It’s like adding a purposeful, eye-catching picture frame to your library artwork.

Function Shouldn’t Sacrifice Beauty

When it comes to kitchens, function is top priority. After all, what good is a gorgeous kitchen if everything is set up inconveniently? You don’t want to just love the look of your kitchen, you want to love to cook in it, too. It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that seems to be true for most families in Utah. Agents tell us that a great kitchen is typically a top priority for buyers on the hunt for their next investment. Often, if the kitchen looks inefficient on the MLS, the house may be cut from the showings list. Bathrooms are a close second to kitchens. If a home has nicely remodeled bathrooms, it’s often added to the top of the “to-see” list for buyers. Bathrooms need to be comfortable, with even a few small, customized touches creating an amazing feel.

These investments may be worth it for listing your home, but it’s also important that you love your home, too. We often see people wait until listing time to upgrade their home, but with Swirl Woodcraft, you can customize it now and enjoy it for yourself as well.