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Building a Bathroom Oasis

September 1, 2021

Building a Bathroom Oasis
You’ve probably scoured Pinterest for bathroom ideas and have been bombarded with numerous options for layouts and finishes. If you want that Pinterest-worthy bathroom, we have some great tips for you to consider.


For a true spa-like feel, you’ll want to keep colors calm and subtle. Warm neutrals are ideal, keeping your scheme between three to five different shades maximum. If you’re going for peaceful, tranquil blues or earthy greens are great choices paired with creamy or antique whites. Neutral tones are also popular because you can pair them with just about any accessory or artwork you’re drawn to bring into the space.


When you picture a luxurious, serene bathroom, elements of nature usually come to mind. Faux wood tiles are popular because you get the warm look of wood with the durability of porcelain or ceramic, meaning they’ll resist mildew and moisture common in a bathroom setting. Pebbled tiles are a great combination with faux wood tiles in a luxury bathroom. Go the extra step with under-floor heating so you never have cold feet after stepping out of the shower or a delicious hot bath. (Bonus tip: get a towel warmer for even more opulence!)


The right atmosphere is only complete with proper lighting. From makeup application to mood lighting for a soak in the tub to style preferences, lighting will always be crucial to pulling the whole aesthetic together. You can go for rope lighting around cabinetry or mirror areas, colored lights, traditional lighting, or a little of it all. Smart lights are a fresh choice as we become more reliant on tech conveniences, and you can choose energy-efficient options that are programmable for whatever your needs are in the moment.

Tubs and Showers

For a relaxing and rejuvenating bath, a soaker tub will hit the spot. Japanese soaking tubs feel almost like an indoor hot tub—they’re deeper than Western-style tubs and they vary in shapes and sizes to fit your space and desires. You can even go for a customized tub with a wooden frame and build in storage to look like a true piece of art that’s practical too. For showers, we say go big if you have the space. Walk-in showers with a bench and some built-in shelving will feel grand, especially if you add a fully glassed, frameless surround and door. Don’t forget a massaging shower head or rainfall shower heads to really feel fabulous and pampered.


Last, but not least, are your accessories. The little details polish off any look, and bathrooms are no exception. Hardware and faucets should be well thought out, but rugs, curtains, and towels are equally important for completing your bathroom oasis. Choose your artwork carefully and bring it all together with a solid idea plan.

Your bathroom can be a true oasis if you connect with a quality custom build company that will take your project from conception to completion with proper care and attention. At Swirl Woodcraft, we listen to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.