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7 Reasons to Invest in Custom Woodworking for Your Home 

July 19, 2017

Custom woodworking, from bathroom vanities to kitchen cabinets, adds incredible value and elegance to a home renovation or a new build.

The price difference entices many homeowners to choose the cheaper option. However, once you explore the reasons custom woodworking is better, you quickly realize that “you get what you pay for” is never more evident than in the case of custom woodwork.

Custom Woodworking for Your Home

Woodworking is definitely worth the investment and always the best choice, whether you’re building a new entertainment center in your living room or crafting a storage-friendly walk-in closet.

1. It Enhances Home Value

You can increase your home’s value in many ways, but nothing sells like kitchens and bathrooms. As two of the largest, most complex renovations in the home, marketing a property that has a kitchen or bathroom redesign results in faster sales and higher prices.

One major component to a high-end kitchen or bathroom renovation is the cabinetry. Custom cabinetry is easy to identify, and potential buyers will notice the valuable touch.

2. The Quality Is Unmatched

Why does custom woodworking cost more? It’s simple: quality.

Real wood, custom construction and superior hardware aren’t found in many stock cabinets or vanity options.

3. It Will Stun Your Guests

Custom woodworking means your cabinets, bookcases, mantels and vanities become part of your design — possibly even the showpiece of the room. The beauty is evident and it instantly affects the look of the room, wowing your company.

4. You Will Appreciate Your Home

Let’s say you don’t plan on selling anytime soon. Is custom woodworking still worth it?

Yes! The point of renovating isn’t just to add value — it’s so you will enjoy your home, especially if selling isn’t in your immediate future.

5. You Have Control

Wouldn’t you rather have control over the design? You can pick the stain or color, shape, orientation — everything! You get the final say over the plans — you don’t have to choose from one or two options from the manufacturer.

6. Your Home Is Unique

You can make endless modifications with a custom approach. Use up all available space and create a design unique to your home. It will only add to your property’s charm.

7. You Get Durability

The materials used in custom woodworking are of a decidedly higher quality, and that means they’re durable. You won’t have to deal with splintering particle board and hardware that falls apart. You can rest assured your woodworking is built to last.

Swirl Woodcraft provides custom woodworking for all areas of the home. We can’t wait to use our creative vision and excellent skills to bring your ideas to life. Call us today for a free quote for your next project!