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What’s Your Cabinet Style of Choice?

August 11, 2017

Never underestimate the importance of cabinet style in a kitchen design. Your renovation starts with understanding your vision. Will a traditional, modern or rustic cabinet style create the design you’re looking for?

cabinet style

Warmth and Symmetry: Traditional

A traditional design will stand the test of time. Options encompass a range of woods, stains and textures, but two of the overarching design elements you’ll see in the traditional cabinet style are warmth and symmetry.

Traditional cabinets fit with a range of color options. They add comfort with a touch of elegance. They give your kitchen look an inviting, classic feel. It’s the right choice if you’re considering selling your home — traditional cabinet styles appeal to a wide range of aesthetic tastes. With a quality wood as the cabinet base, this style is also easily customized to fit unique individual preferences.

Natural Elements and Texture: Rustic

Rustic cabinets give your kitchen a homey, lived-in feel. They’re richly stained. They might even have a distressed look. Burnished hardware completes the picture, giving a raw, weathered feel to the room. Rustic cabinet style is often complemented by natural stone and additional wood elements throughout the room.

An antique, pastoral look comes through with oak, cherry or maple wood choices, but pine is a popular selection as well. Whatever you choose, make sure your rustic-style cabinets complete the sturdy, time-tested appearance you’re going for.

Fine Lines and Sleek Surfaces: Modern

One of the most effective ways to achieve a modern kitchen design is to start with cabinet style. Modern kitchens are sleek yet bold, understated yet trendy. Finding this balance is key to a successful kitchen design. With a goal for a modern style, look for angles, shapes and simplicity.

Smooth, polished cabinets sans ornate accessories will help create your modern look. Everything modern is streamlined. Your design shouldn’t be embellished or fancy — it can have color or a natural wood stain (you still have options), but the whole, finished look should be complete and efficient.

What’s Your Preference?

Finding the cabinet style that matches your vision is easy — you just have to know your vision. What theme speaks to you? Look at examples of traditional, rustic and modern kitchens. Which kitchen would you rather spend your day in? Remember, the kitchen is the heart (and the hub) of the home. It has to portray the design characteristics you love in order for you and your family to feel comfortable in the space.

What matters more than cabinet style? Swirl Woodcraft believes quality trumps all. We work tirelessly, crafting the custom, high-quality cabinets that will make all the difference in your kitchen renovation. Discuss your needs with us today, and we’ll form a plan for customized, top-tier cabinet creation and installation.