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How to Incorporate Natural Wood into Your Interior Design

September 11, 2017

Featuring natural wood in home design is one of the best ways to instantly draw in your guests, making them feel comfortable and welcome.

Incorporate Natural Wood into Your Interior Design

At the same time, you’re on top of one of the latest and greatest home décor trends, especially if you pair natural wood with modern updates like smart sensor lights and other technological home systems. The mixture of natural materials and high-tech updates is popular in modern interior design.

Woodworking Inside the Home: It’s a Growing Trend

Natural wood is a timeless material, one that will never disappear. It was once commonly thought of as a central piece of more traditional decorating, but now, interior design trend focus has shifted back to natural materials like wood and stone.

No one is looking for natural wood to use as 1970s-era wood paneling, but carefully crafted, signature woodworking can be integrated into many design styles, modern included. Hop on board this growing trend and start visualizing how these wood creations could fit in your home.

Think Shelving

Using natural wood as shelving, either for open-air kitchen storage space or built-ins around the fireplace, is a top design choice. Shelving is placed where the eye naturally goes, toward the wall. It can become a feature of any room, appreciated every time you walk inside.

Picture a Wood Mantel

A hand-carved wood mantel can set your living room apart. You can create a mantel that’s shaped and stained exactly the way you want, giving your great room the grand fireplace it deserves. Natural wood allows for endless customization.

Vanities and Cabinets Showcase Workmanship

Let the beauty of wood shine through in your kitchen and bathroom with custom-made vanities and cabinets. Wood will outlast flooring and countertop trends. It pairs perfectly with stone, tile and other woods and raises your home’s interior design to another level.

Handcrafted Tables

The dining table is where your family gathers to eat, talk and bond. A grand, beautiful handcrafted table can become a prized possession, a symbol of a family’s heritage. Not only will a hand-carved table become the focal point of your dining area, it will hold memories of conversation and laughter you’ll never be able (or want) to replace.

Explore Different Finishes

Working natural wood into a home’s interior is a much easier task than you might think. Why? You don’t have to completely alter your color scheme to match it — you can simply stain the wood to fit with your design choices.

Explore which stain you’re drawn to most by viewing examples of our work here on our site. Call us today to learn more about what we do at Swirl Woodcraft.