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A Fireplace Facelift

July 1, 2022

A Fireplace Facelift

Your fireplace is likely the focal point of your room. Draw your eye to a spot that you love with an upgraded mantle with purposeful décor. Dramatic, ornate, or minimalist, you want your fireplace to be stunning to look at, not an afterthought.

Get Creative

Rustic wood and even unfinished slabs can bring in a warm tone to the space while creating an artistic and interesting visual display. Add unique candles or vintage maps or books to pull in a chic adventure vibe. Another great option that is easy yet substantial is to bring in a new fireplace screen to dress up an old or new fireplace. Consider painting just the fireplace surround a contrasting color from the rest of the room to make it stand out as well as keeping it simple to change colors whenever you want.

Move over fridge, the fireplace is the new place to display the kids’ and grandkids’ artwork. Pair the uniqueness of their art pieces with different frames to give each masterpiece it’s rightful attention and display them on the mantlepiece. Another popular trend right now is to paint the fireplace mantle or surround a bold, high-gloss color to give it a luxe look.

A Little Work Goes a Long Way

Shiplap has been a trend setter for a while, and we’re not seeing go away. Bring in a shiplap surround to add texture and pattern to any style and space. You can branch out and go bold with some statement tile pieces and a significant mantle, creating a full art piece of your fireplace. Keep the décor simple if you go this route, or it can look too busy.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and want to bring it in, incorporate some natural stones or soft, subtle patterns that remind you of your favorite places. Warm blues, grays, and whites bring a water-colored tone into a home that is warm yet modern. For a contemporary look, consider putting in a minimal mantle with a concrete surround for a very cool vibe. Or, for a traditional and timeless feel, a brick surround with either a brick or thick wood mantle can bring in that comfort. Brick is a great product because it can look elegant and rustic at the same time, blending any style together.

Boldness Pays Off

To create a striking and affluent aesthetic, three-dimensional panels are a good way to incorporate that sophisticated design and bring in an interesting visual. Another dramatic style choice is a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround. Especially amazing in a room with a very high ceiling, this design will certainly catch attention in all the right ways.

Consider incorporating incredible patterns that span the entire width of the fireplace area with bold colors and designs that are unique to your home and style. Or go for an architectural challenge with steel beams or rustic materials like rebar or iron for an impressive display of character.

Whatever your style, a beautiful fireplace can completely transform a room. Bring all your ideas to us at Swirl Woodcraft so we can help you get the fireplace of your dreams.