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Cabinet Styles

June 2, 2022

Cabinet Styles

When there are so many options out there, it’s difficult to narrow down what exactly you want. Here is a quick guide to cabinet styles to help you on your decision-making journey:

Contemporary: If you’re going for a modern, sleek look, this is for you. These cabinets are typically marked with their completely flat, no-hardware, and shiny finish. Contemporary cabinets come in a wide range of materials and colors and make for a polished and clean look.

Shaker: This style dates back to the 18th century, so you know it’s a timeless design. They have a four-panel square frame with an inset flat panel. The detail is minimal and symmetrical without any carvings or embellishments. Shaker style is popular because it’s very versatile and looks great in practically any design.

Flat Panel: Mid-century modern is a fashionable choice, and while flat panel cabinets are beautiful in many different designs, they especially show well in the mid-century modern room. These cabinets are similar in look to contemporary style, but they’re more budget friendly, streamlined, and easy to maintain.

Traditional: Raised panels with beadbord detailing is common in a tradition cabinetry design. Neutral colors or dark woods are also a beautiful way to finish off a traditional room. These rooms feel formal but also inviting, comfortable but also classy.

Louvered: These cabinets are made with horizontal wood slats on the doors. Their textured design creates visual appeal, but the slats are meant for a practical use as well: ventilation. This style is also great for storing things like potatoes, garlic, and onions. But don’t feel like you have to make a mini pantry with this design—the style is beautiful simply for its looks.

Glass Front: If you choose glass front cabinets, you’ll likely want to pair them with other solid-door cabinets. These are gorgeous when used in moderation to showcase certain items in your home such as fine china, vintage or heirloom pieces, collectables, or pretty cookbooks you’ve acquired over the years. You can add lighting inside the cabinet to really bring out what you’re trying to highlight.

Rustic: The main component of this style is the attention pulled to the qualities of the raw wood. For a true farmhouse or mountain home feel, go for a rustic country vibe with distressed looks and lack of ornamentation. For a more urban feel, opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets with dark stains or mix wood finishes for balance.

Open Shelving: The visual appeal and warmth of open cabinetry only works if you’re the type of person that keeps clutter at bay. Open shelving can look stunning if you utilize the space in a practical yet still eye-catching way. You’ll also want to keep on top of dusting and cleaning these shelves, but most people with open shelving think they’re so pretty, it’s worth it.

Mix it Up: Don’t be afraid to bring a couple styles together. Mixing shaker cabinets with open shelving is a great start. Or pair rustic cabinets with a contemporary style to bring an eclectic interest to your space. If you want to try mixing styles but you’re nervous, our design team can help you create the space of your dreams with confidence.