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Bathroom Vanity Considerations

September 11, 2023

Bathroom Vanity Considerations

When it comes to your bathroom, the vanity may be the most important aspect of the entire room. Not only is it the overall statement piece, it’s also the main storage area and the most used item. Installing a custom vanity is money well spent because you can be sure it will work for your specific needs and last a long time. Maximize space in a small bathroom with a well-designed vanity, and feel free to go all out on luxuries if you have a large space to work with.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, a basic vanity with standard drawers and cabinets can work okay, especially in guest bathrooms. But if you want to take it to the next step, consider some upgrades that will make your life easier. Our experts suggest installing in-drawer outlets to minimize clutter and keep your highly used items plugged in and ready to go. Hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, and razors can all be stored in a designated spot, keeping everything tidy and easily accessible. Another feature our experts love is to mix up the storage depths in drawers. Adding some shallow storage with cubbies or adjustable sections in with deep, large drawers will maximize space and allow you to keep like items together in an organized way. These can be built in or removable depending on what you want.

Vanities must work around plumbing and sinks, which can minimize storage. Instead of opting for a faux drawer, consider building in a shallow drawer or one with a u-shaped design that can go around plumbing pipes. Another option is placing a cabinet directly below the sink and building a full-sized drawer at the bottom.

Smart storage creates a tidy space. A custom cabinet can have built-in pullout storage for specific organization that goes beyond drawers for makeup and brushes. A pullout cabinet for a trash can, specific electronics, or laundry hamper will hide unwanted messes and keep these items off the floor. Maximize every inch with shallow cabinets for items like nail polish or dainty toiletries or by adding a storage tower on the countertop for items you’d like at eye level. It may take some counterspace, but if you’d rather hide some things away at a convenient location, these can be very handy.

Consider Counterspace Needs

Some couples get ready at the same time and desperately need two sinks, while others may have different schedules and would rather have some extra countertop space. Even though double sinks may sound luxurious, if it suits your needs more to have extra countertop space, don’t default to two sinks as your only option. Think about how you get ready, if you share the bathroom space with someone, and how you like store (and access) everything before deciding on the countertop layout.

Talk to your cabinetmaker about other options such as floating cabinets vs built-ins, faucet and hardware choices, countertop materials, and ideas for lighting and mirrors. It’s often a good idea to get the vanity design and function decided before finishing the rest of the bathroom so you can be sure everything will work well together. Contact Swirl Woodcraft’s experts to get your perfect bathroom started.