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Splurge-worthy Kitchen Items

August 11, 2023

Splurge-worthy Kitchen Items

If you enjoy your time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or entertaining, you know there are some expensive items that are worth every penny. At the same time, you know which items are not worth purchasing, no matter how cheap they are. Some products have incredible, stand-out features that just make them amazing and durable, which means the higher price point is complete justified. Here are a few items that many professional chefs agree are worth the investment.

  1. A high-end cutting board. You already know that cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes, but they also come in varying woods and durability. There are three main factors to consider when purchasing a cutting board: material, surface area, and thickness. These three items impact aesthetics as well as functionality and durability.
  2. An electric kettle. Whether you drink a lot of tea or not, an expensive, electric kettle comes in handy in various ways. In addition to tea, you can use a kettle for instant oatmeal in the mornings, a quick cup of soup, making detox drinks, brewing a cup of coffee, or to help melt chocolate easily.
  3. Enameled cast iron pot/pan. These pots/pans are great conductors of heat and wash easily. The enamel protects the pot/pan from rust and makes them extremely durable. They may be heavy, bulky, and not dishwasher safe, but they’re worth their weight in gold. The smooth, hard surface is highly stable in terms of chemical composition, and you don’t have to worry about any dangerous reactions with food.
  4. Quality cookware. Pots and pans vary greatly in price, and the right set for you will consider several factors. For example, what is your budget? What is your cooking style and how will you use the cookware? What material do you want to use? Do you need a full set or individual pans? Some people hate non-stick pans while others can’t live without them. You’ll want to do a little research on what pan will suit your needs, but at the least they should be well-balanced with tight, sturdy handle attachments.
  5. A good hand mixer. Even if you have a nice automatic stand mixer, it’s often nice to have a quick hand mixer ready to go. Stand mixers can often be bulky, and a quality hand mixer can be an easy backup for when you need to whip something up quick.
  6. A true chef’s knife. Knives are an extremely important tool for any kitchen. Not only is a sharp knife much easier to use, it’s also safer. Sharp knives provide more control and accuracy while cutting. You’ve probably used a dull knife and know the frustration of destroying your food while you work away at it rather than nicely slicing and cutting exactly how you need. Investing in a good knife (or two) will never be regretted.

Whatever splurges you get for your kitchen, make sure you’re storing everything inside gorgeous cabinets and drawers. To get started on a customized dream kitchen worthy of all your beloved accessories, contact Swirl Woodcraft.