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Choosing Between Single- and Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities

April 5, 2019

When you come to the pros at Swirl Woodcraft for a new bathroom vanity, you’ll have a few important choice areas to consider. You’ll choose from our traditional, rustic and modern bathroom vanities, for starters, and also consider color, style and several other important aesthetic and functional factors.

Another big choice many homeowners are faced with: One sink or two? There are numerous options available in both styles, each of which comes with their own set of benefits and potential drawbacks depending on your needs. Let’s go over some simple facts on each and weigh the pros and cons before you make your choice.

single double sink bathroom vanities

Basics of Each Format

Firstly, let’s define the options and some specifics. As the name obviously suggests, single-sink vanities contain just a single sink installation and plumbing connections. They’re sized between 16 and 72 inches, and can either be wall-mounted or freestanding if you choose.

Double-sink vanities, on the other hand, have two sinks installed. They will generally feature a cut countertop that allows for both sinks, plus faucet installation. Double-sink vanities require proper spacing, meaning the smallest options are usually around the 48-inch range.

Single-Sink Vanity

There are several benefits to a single-sink vanity:

  • Simple installation: Single-sink vanities are much easier to install than double-sink vanities. There’s only a single faucet to deal with, and only a single set of corresponding plumbing connections to worry about. This generally leads to a cost savings for installation, as well.
  • Space: As we noted in our size comparison above, single-sink vanities can be much more compact than double-sink vanities. This is great if you have a small bathroom space and need to maximize it, or need more room for storage space. Vanities can’t generally have a drawer under a sink, but only having one sink means there’s usually enough room for an additional drawer if you need it.
  • Counter space: In addition, having only one sink but a larger vanity width allows you tons of countertop space for whatever items you need.

There are also a few negatives of a single-sink vanity, namely that they can be difficult for two-person living arrangements. One sink is often not enough for two people who share the same bathroom space every day, and may look strange in a larger bathroom space designed for two people.

Double-Sink Vanity

Some pros of the double-sink vanity:

  • Convenience: Having multiple sinks is much more convenient in many cases, particularly for shared living.
  • Clear spaces: While single-sink vanities may offer more counter space in some situations, this encourages some folks to be messy and leave clutter. A double-sink vanity encourages you to keep the area neat, on the other hand.

While it may sound strange, as we explained above, double-sink vanities may actually have less counter space than their single-sink counterparts. You also have to deal with more plumbing, so you should be sure there’s a real need for both sinks before choosing this option.

For more on choosing between single- or double-sink vanities, or to learn about any of our custom cabinetry, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodraft today.