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Maximizing Smaller Bathroom Space With Vanity Installation

March 26, 2019

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re proud of the way we can help our clients create beautiful and functional designs in their kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of their homes. We’re not a cookie-cutter cabinet maker – we design custom cabinetry, bookcases and other home items, plus work directly with clients to create unique designs that will last a lifetime.

One great example here? Our selection of bathroom vanities, which includes modern, rustic and traditional vanity styles. One group of people that might be worried about their options when it comes to the vanity selection: Those with smaller bathroom spaces. But never fear – we have numerous options and tips for you to maximize this space and get a vanity that complements your design and practical needs. Here are some tips our installers and design professionals will work with you on if you’re installing a bathroom vanity in a smaller space.

smaller bathroom space vanity installation

Vanity Position

The first and often most important factor here is the physical position of the vanity, which makes a big difference in a smaller space where every square foot is important. In many such cases, the best choice is to place the vanity in a corner or along a wall, thereby removing any possibility of useless gaps in space. Corners, in particular, are popular locations due to the way they allow you to put mirrors on both wall sides.

Storage Considerations

One of the primary concerns of those with smaller bathroom spaces, particularly with a vanity about to use up another chunk of square footage, is ensuring there’s enough storage. The bathroom is supposed to be a clean and relaxing area, but it can quickly turn into a high-clutter zone if there’s nowhere to put anything.

One good solution here for many people is to also install a linen closet. This will allow for easy storage that doesn’t take up too much space.

Medicine Cabinets

Down similar lines, medicine cabinets can often kill two birds with one stone. Not only are they a perfect additional storage space for smaller bathroom items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and various creams or ointments, they also add a mirror and significant function to the area as well. And on top of this, medicine cabinets are very popular these days due to their simple, visually pleasing characteristics.

Using the Walls

There are a few good ways to utilize your walls to maximize space in the bathroom around a vanity. We already talked about installing vanities directly on the wall itself, but you can also consider additions like shelves, wall-mounted cabinets or towel racks in the nearby area so they don’t take up any walking space. You can also consider installing a large mirror above your vanity on the wall – these are practical, of course, but they may also increase the perceived size of the bathroom to those who enter it.

For more on how to maximize space when installing a vanity in a smaller bathroom, or to learn about any of our bathroom vanities or kitchen remodeling services, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.