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Custom Kitchen Design Blends Indoors and Outdoors

September 25, 2015

Custom Kitchen Design

Using a custom kitchen design can create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. The days of clearly distinct kitchen and patio areas are no more, and it makes sense, considering many people have yards and gardens that they rarely get time to enjoy. And you don’t even have to wait for a warm, sunny day to enjoy fabulous outdoor space when you have a fire pit for s’mores, a pergola or a hot tub.

Homeowners are seeking a merging between the back door and the patio, and they want it to look natural and be attractive. Outdoor living has been touting luxury digs for a few years — lavish, covered areas feature draped mosquito netting during the muggy season, and the furniture looks like it should be inside, but is designed to withstand a range of temperatures.

Taking the Kitchen Outside

A big trend is outdoor pizza ovens. You can enjoy a truly handmade pizza, served on a stone, from a personal oven. Outdoor fireplaces and heat lamps are also getting more popular, allowing for a fantastic change from another family dinner at the kitchen table.

Back yards have long been a mecca for meals, but they’re no longer restricted to the occasional summer barbeque. Some homeowners are growing edible gardens that make it easy to grab a handful of strawberries or herbs to add to a home-cooked meal. That’s taking local and organic to the extreme, and it also saves you some money at the grocery store.

Utilitarian Purposes

Most luxury outdoor living spaces feature stone flooring. This makes cleaning up a breeze, and helps keep the actual indoor space more pristine. It might seem like a simple perk, but it’s a huge time saver (especially for large families).

Simply getting outside is becoming more and more difficult these days, but there are more benefits to it than just getting fresh air. When you’re outside, you’re often naturally more relaxed. Some deluxe patios feature outdoor TVs that are made to withstand plunging temperatures. However, an electronics-free zone is still desirable, too.

Use What You Have

Many families are short on space. Remember that you have the entire property. Your yard is more than just an option for Fido late at night or the place you host one barbeque per year. Enjoy your space and live in it, because that’s what it’s there for.

When you encourage your family to enjoy the entire property, you’re also getting rid of routine. Do you really want another night of ordering out and piling up on the couch to watch TV? That can be great some nights, but spread out and see what’s literally right in your back yard. Contact Swirl Woodcraft to help you with your innovative custom kitchen design.