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Custom Bookcases in Time for Fall

October 9, 2015

Custom Bookcase

Custom bookcases go with autumn like pumpkin pie goes with whipped cream. Now that the weather’s cooled down, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a stack of books next to a roaring fire and a gorgeous custom bookcase. There’s no such thing as too much (book) storage, and having a space to feed a reading addiction encourages everyone in your family to read more, stare at screens less and enjoy the thrill of book collecting.

Books, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, standardized bookcases don’t bear this in mind. If you have a penchant for oversized coffee table books or children’s picture books, standard bookcases might not be deep enough. Prefer smaller paperbacks, perfect for traveling? Some bookcases might be needlessly deep for these, or the shelves might be too far apart, wasting space.

The Perfect Harvest Gift

Autumn and winter have you staying at home more often, preferring lazy weekends inside reading, unlike raucous summer weekends spent out and about. You should always aim to create a peaceful, welcoming home space — but it’s even more vital in the winter. Adding a customized wine cellar or kitting out the kitchen with custom cabinets adds great value to your home (as well as an excuse to entertain). However, if you want a special treat just for you and your family, nothing trumps a custom bookcase.

As an added bonus, bookcases are relatively affordable, especially compared to a wine cellar or new cabinets. You can handpick the type of wood, design, stain or paint to make this heirloom piece of furniture your own. Go contemporary with a sleek glossy finish, a little wacky with slanted shelves and bright colors, or vintage chic with a distressed finished, thick, solid wood.

A Bookcase of One’s Own

Books are personal, beloved items. Shouldn’t your custom bookcase reflect that? Each room is a prime spot for a bookcase, and you can’t have too many of them. Design a slender model for the kitchen, perhaps with doors to protect your favorite cookbooks from grease splashes. Create a complete library in your spare bedroom, with space leftover for a pullout bed. Bookcases look fantastic in every room, from the dining room to your office.

Customized bookcases are also a great gift, and right in time for the holidays. Give the bookworms in your life the ultimate present: even more space to store their collection. Take it to the next level and accompany the bookcase with a first edition of their favorite book or author. Ready to get started? Call Swirl Woodcraft today for custom bookcases and all your additional woodworking needs.