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Custom Bookcases Double as Headboards

November 5, 2015

Bookcase Headboard

Custom bookcases-turned-headboards provide a unique place for you to store books, display photos or keep your most-used items. Do you need a bookcase headboard? If you’re short on space, looking for something new or simply looking to blend art with purpose, the answer is yes. Check out these reasons a personalized book-geared headboard is a must.

It’s a Space Saver

If you’re a bibliophile, you’re always picking up new books. Don’t miss out on the huge expanse of bare wall that’s right above your head. Choose the most beautiful or most prized books from your bookshelf and transfer them to the headboard. This frees up more space for those stacks of books on the floor or crammed under the coffee table.

It’s a Piece of Art

Books are more than an escape and a passion. They are also stunning pieces of art in their own right. Your first editions, signed copies and childhood favorites hold a special place in your heart. Consider arranging the books in your headboard by color to create a stunning rainbow above your head that puts the artwork you have there now to shame.

It’s a Utilitarian Piece

Most headboards don’t really serve a purpose and are the lazy person’s way to take up wall space. Unless you live in a sprawling mansion, space for most people is limited. Bedside tables don’t provide much room in those single drawers, so look (literally) above and beyond. A bookcase headboard gives you plenty of space to keep bed-centric items like smartphones and alarm clocks.

It’s a Storage Space

Remember that these are also a great options for kids’ rooms where there’s no such thing as too much storage. Stuffed animals, those oversized picture books and extra blankets easily can be grabbed from this perch. Kids also can reach items themselves more easily when they’re stored on a headboard, which can promote self-sufficiency. It’s also a great transitional piece for Junior’s first “real” bed, when parents still need to keep lotions and pacifiers within easy reach.

It’s Always a Safe Bet

The great thing about bookcase headboards is that they’ll never go out of style. If you get tired of what’s on the shelves, simply switch it up. Handcrafted furniture is high-quality, solid wood that can easily be stained, painted or finished to match new bedroom decor. Unlike some of those other trendy headboards, this is an affordable investment that will never go out of style.

Getting that customized bookcase headboard is simpler than you think. Compare styles with ease when working with a woodcrafter, and consider just how many items you have that need shelf space. It’s much easier to start designing the right headboard when that stack of un-homed books is right at your feet.

Call Swirl Woodcraft today and begin designing your very own custom bookcases that double as headboards.