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5 Secret Cabinet Maker Skills

December 18, 2015

Cabinet Maker

Why should you hire a cabinetmaker instead of buying a ready-made vanity, bookcase, headboard or other piece of furniture in a store or online? That’s like asking why you would have a birthday cake custom made instead of picking up a generic one at the local supermarket.

Yes, that generic cake might taste all right, and it might even have “Happy Birthday” scrawled across the top, but is it exactly what the birthday boy or girl wants? Is it the right flavors, was it made fresh and does it have that personal touch that makes it special? Of course not.

The same goes for cabinetry and other woodworking. Plus, the best cabinetmakers have some tricks up their sleeves that may surprise you. Here’s why you should depend on a cabinetmaker instead of a ready-made piece:

1. The price might surprise you (in a good way!).

A lot of people assume custom cabinetry is going to be a lot more expensive than a ready-made piece. That’s not necessarily true. Custom cabinetry can be surprisingly affordable, but it all comes down to the materials and details you choose. However, the same is true of a ready-made piece. Get a quote from a local cabinetmaker, and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

2. They can make insanely accurate pieces.

Do you have a unique space, a troublingly angled kitchen, or other special needs? Getting a perfect fit with a ready-made piece will be difficult — that’s just how it goes. However, you can get the exact shape, size and customization you need with custom cabinetry.

3. It’ll increase your home value.

One of the first features home shoppers and realtors notice is custom cabinetry. Custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, built-ins throughout and other permanent features of a home add immense value. Who doesn’t want a home that appraises for a higher price, whether you plan to sell or not?

4. No request is too strange.

You want a bathroom vanity that features an exotic wood and your name prominently carved into each cabinet? You got it — as long as you have a custom cabinetmaker in your corner. For those with unique or eclectic tastes, the only way to get just what you want is to go custom. If you don’t, you know you’re settling.

5. They have impressive connections.

Have you been having trouble finding a certain kind of wood for an affordable price, or hardware that matches what you’ve dreamed up? Custom cabinetmakers have some serious connections, and they’re more than happy to go above and beyond to give their customers what they want.

There’s no comparison between custom cabinets and ready-made options. Get started on your dream project today by calling Swirl Woodcraft, your local custom cabinetmakers who have seen it all, made it all, and are eager to take on whatever project you have in mind.