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Kitchen Remodel Musts

January 19, 2016

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the best, fastest ways to add value to your home. In fact, realtors will tell you that a stunning kitchen and/or bathroom can sway buyers to offer more, pay more and even get into bidding wars.

Kitchens offer endless options for custom woodworking — and every piece will increase your home’s value more than faux wood or a ready-made piece. Even better, you can go a la carte, updating as your budget allows.

Here are some of the best options for woodworking as part of a kitchen remodel, ranked from highest to lowest impact:

1. Cabinets

Whether you like Shaker style, painted wood or a rich stain to showcase a knotty wood, custom kitchen cabinets are a real showstopper. You can extend existing cabinets to the ceiling for a gourmet kitchen feel, or finally swap out those old MDO cabinets for the real deal.

2. Add an Island

An island in an otherwise “mainland kitchen” can dramatically improve your home’s value. Everyone loves an island. Include a bar top for extra seating, and think about what you want on the surface itself. It might be an extra farmhouse sink for prep work, or a stovetop.

3. Butler’s Pantry

Tucked away from the main kitchen, your butler’s pantry is where you can prepare drinks, appetizers and keep extra dishes, like the good China. Unfortunately, a butler’s pantry doesn’t come with a butler, but for busy and crowded kitchens, it provides the extra space and relief you need.

4. A Walk-In Pantry

Maximize your kitchen storage with a walk-in pantry, complete with wooden shelves or custom cabinetry. As more and more people are (thankfully!) cooking at home, those tiny kitchens of yore just aren’t cutting it. Adding a pantry will help you eat healthier by allowing more room for storage while increasing your home’s value.

5. Add a Wet Bar:

A dedicated space for cocktails, a coffee bar, tea bar, or whatever you prefer, is a surefire way to entertain like a pro. No matter what your beverage of choice, if you’re passionate about it, you have plenty of bottles and accoutrements that you don’t want mixed in with your other kitchen utensils. A wet bar complete with wooden cabinetry, shelves and maybe even a horseshoe bar itself is the ultimate focal point for entertainment.

6. Open Shelves

Want to display your favorite vintage cookware? Open shelves can be a fantastic option, especially if you go with reclaimed wood. It’s fast and there’s minimal disruption to your kitchen routine during remodeling. It also costs less than adding more cabinets.

Is your kitchen everything it could be? Call Swirl Woodcraft today and get on the fast track to making your dream kitchen a reality with a kitchen remodel.