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Four Reasons to Choose Custom Woodworking

July 13, 2021

Four Reasons to Choose Custom Woodworking
Stores like Ikea and Wayfair may be popular for their inexpensive, quick-delivery storage solutions, but an heirloom piece you can pass on generation after generation will always hold its value. There is certainly a time and place for ready-to-assemble furniture, but nothing compares to beautiful, custom pieces or finish work in a home. Today, we’re going to focus on four of our top reasons to choose custom over convenience.

Supporting Local, Individual Woodworkers

In our globalized world with Amazon next-day deliveries and constant options with a click of a button, it’s easy to go with fast simplicity that lasts a few years and toss it out and start over. Not only is this terrible for the environment but it also is probably not the look you’re striving for in your home. When you choose a local business making hand-made items, you can feel good about supporting your community and know your money is going straight to the artist(s). It’s less impact on the environment, too, and provides a purposeful story adding meaning and significance to the piece.

Getting a One-of-a-Kind Product

It can be rewarding knowing that you have the only one of something. Plus, whatever piece you choose, whether it be furniture, custom cabinetry, or something exclusive, going custom gives you the freedom to dream up anything your heart desires. The world is your oyster, and you will not regret an investment like this. Custom a piece to your style or your space or to represent a memory of someone or something you hold dear.

High Quality and Long Lasting

When someone is pouring their heart and soul into their project, it’s going to show. Your piece will last longer than a big box store’s piece with the million-step, hard-to-read manual. High quality woodworking is noticeable to everyone walking into your home, especially to you, and you’ll have beauty to last a lifetime and more. Your kids and grandchildren will thank you.

Add Value to Your Home

If you’re in the market to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom, you’ve probably been told those two spots are the most beneficial to upgrade to increase your home’s value. Believe us when we say, everyone can tell the difference between an Ikea kitchen and a custom designed and built kitchen. And in 15-20 years, you’ll be glad you went with the higher-quality, custom finishings.

Your style, specifications, and needs are all addressed when working with a custom woodworker. The sky is the limit. You can choose types of wood, such as maple, knotty alder, zebra wood, cherry, or anything else you have your heart set on. There are numerous stains and glazes to choose from as well, and the finishing touches are completely up to you. Sometimes it’s fun to let the artist put their flair on something and come up with their own unique-to-you design. With Swirl Woodcraft, you can put your confidence in our expert master crafters. Whether you want a bookcase, an entry table, a more functional entertainment center, we are able to help. Our passion is shown in our unmatchable work.