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Traditional, Modern or Rustic Kitchen Cabinets: What’s Your Style?

April 13, 2021

Here at Swirl Woodcraft, our cabinet makers offer three main styles of kitchen cabinets — traditional, modern and rustic — to serve the needs and tastes of all our Salt Lake City clients. But really, what is the difference among these three styles, and which one is right for you?

custom kitchen cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets tend to have a more ornate design than the other two styles. These cabinets often have more lines, more carving, more beveling — more depth.

Some have described the traditional style as "Old World," but it doesn't have to be that way. If you like a formal feel in your kitchen and dining room, traditional cabinets should definitely be your choice. But while traditional kitchen cabinets do have a "grownup" feel to them, you can still choose complementary furnishings and decorations in a more comfortable, livable style.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are sleeker and less fussy than traditional kitchen cabinets. There are fewer lines, fewer places for dust to settle. These cabinets are sleek and smooth, sometimes unadorned even by hardware.

Modern kitchens are clean and without clutter; surfaces are flat and bare. It may be described as somewhat spartan, but it's really just pure and straightforward.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

A classic choice, rustic kitchen cabinets fit nicely into a country cottage or farmhouse style décor. Think knotty wood with a light stain to let the natural grain show through. If you're going for an antique look, you may want to try pairing this style with iron hardware.

Rustic kitchen cabinets are a popular choice in Salt Lake City, where many residents enjoy a mountain-themed décor with lots of natural materials and accents.

Custom Cabinets in Salt Lake City

The great advantage of hiring a cabinet maker to build your kitchen cabinets for you is that you get exactly what you want. So it's important to determine your style ahead of time.

Modern kitchen cabinets pair well with stainless steel appliances and marble or solid color countertops. Rustic kitchen cabinets fit nicely with butcher block countertops and an apron sink. With traditional kitchen cabinets, you have a lot of wiggle room for design because they are so basic. Traditional may be the most versatile of the three options.

Custom Woodworking in Salt Lake City

Swirl Woodcraft has been handcrafting cabinets for more than 30 years, and you can see our handiwork in homes all over Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Take a look at our galleries of traditional, modern and rustic kitchen cabinet styles, and consider one of our other custom wood pieces such as our bookcases, libraries, hutches, mantels and more. Contact us for more information or an estimate.