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Read This Before Getting a Custom Built-in Bookcase Made

March 9, 2021

Due to many prominent figures appearing in public with their bookshelves in the background via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, bookcases have become trendy again. They have now become more than just a means of organization. They have become an aesthetic part of the home and a reflection of one’s taste.

Thus, many are going to expert craftsmen such as Swirl Woodcraft to get custom bookcases in Salt Lake City, especially the built-in type. But whether it is for organizational or decorative purposes, you must weigh certain things before commissioning a cabinet maker in Salt Lake City to build you a bookshelf.

Custom Built-In Bookcase Considerations

Ready-Made vs. Custom-Made

You would think that a custom-made cabinet like a bookcase would be much more expensive than ready-made ones from the store. However, when it comes to durability, most store-bought bookshelves pale in comparison to the former, making built-in bookcases a better choice in the long run.

Do Built-In Bookshelves Increase Home Value?

When integrated into one’s home thoughtfully, built-in bookshelves increase home value. The configuration should be versatile enough to suit your current needs and the prospective next owner’s needs. Bonus if it’s made of sturdy material and can last a long time.

The color of built-in bookcases also increases your home’s value upon resale, especially if they are neutral tones. Technically, permanent fixtures like shelves are considered a wall unit and are left for future homeowners, so the more they can treat it like a blank canvass, the better.

Final Word

At the end of the day, whether you are getting a built-in or movable bookcase made, it all boils down to quality. And when it comes to high-quality custom bookcases in Salt Lake City, you can trust Swirl Woodcraft to deliver. We have been a trusted name in the city for more than two decades and keep an expansive inventory of wood, hardware and finishes to bring the idea you have in mind to life. So if you need to hire a pro, check out what we have to offer.