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Why Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities Are a Great Choice

February 9, 2021

The cabinet makers at Swirl Woodcraft of Salt Lake City know only too well the value of an expertly constructed wooden cabinet. You may think that splurging on real wood in the bathroom is a waste, but in fact, it's just the opposite.

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Bathrooms are a moist and humid environment, there's no doubt about that. And kitchens can be as well. But that's why in both cases, these rooms are equipped with exhaust fans. Not only is moisture bad for some types of building materials, but it also promotes mildew growth and hastens food spoilage. Luckily, our climate here in Utah is not humid, so outdoor air is not a threat to our homes.

It is true that moisture can warp wood and cause it to swell and expand. If your home was flooded, it could spell disaster for any wooden structures that spent time underwater.

However, real solid wood holds up much better to any type of moisture in the air than wood substitutes. If your current bathroom vanity is made of MDF, particle board, pressed wood or another substitute for solid wood, you may have noticed moisture taking its toll. These types of bathroom vanities are covered with a thin veneer or even thick paper, which can peel back after years of exposure to humidity, allowing moisture to penetrate the fibers beneath it.

Real wood is solid, and it is much less vulnerable to any type of moisture penetration.

Bathroom Vanities: Sturdy & Beautiful

Further, when we build our cabinets, we coat them with a stain and a sealer to protect them. This not only acts as a moisture barrier, but it also allows you to clean the cabinets more easily without scratching or harming them. Remember that many homes are made with wood siding, which stands up to rain, snow, hail, sleet and even relentless sunshine, demonstrating that properly sealed wood is incredibly durable.

So a real, solid wood bathroom vanity will actually hold up better than most any other kind. And it will be so much more beautiful! The beauty of real, solid wood cannot be overstated. The craftsmen here at Swirl Woodcraft enjoy their work making cabinets because it's truly a labor of love for them. They're artists.

Swirl Woodcraft Custom Woodworking

If you're planning a bathroom remodel, talk to the team at Swirl Woodcraft about a real wood bathroom vanity. We make traditional bath vanities as well as modern bath vanities, and we offer custom woodworking too. We want you to have the perfect bathroom vanity for your Salt Lake City home. Contact us today to learn more.